How To Repair a Leather Bags – Simple Tips From Expert


Years ago I bought a leather bag. I kept it in my storage cabinet. I forgot it in the back of the closet and when I found it it was full of mildew stains. I managed to fix it and it was as good as new. So today I’m going to show you what my trick is to fix a leather bag, with ecological products, in an economical and simple way!

You Will Need

Bicarbonate White vinegar (apple) Water Moisturizer A ragThe quantities depend on the size of your bag. As you can see, to clean the bag you do not have to buy anything from the store. We had everything at home. The moisturizer that we use is one of the hands that we had forgotten.

How To Repair a leather Bags


First mix the water and the vinegar in a bowl in equal parts. Wet the rag in the mixture and clean the whole bag with it. Wait for it to dry. Next, dip the cloth with water and baking soda and wipe the entire bag, as if you were “exfoliating” the leather so that the little scratches will disappear. When the skin is completely dry apply the moisturizer all over the surface, to the last corner and let it absorb well.

And that’s it! An old bag like new! This is a simple and ecological way to extend the life of your leather garments and to recover those that you no longer use because they are a bit damaged. But we do not want to lie to you, if the leather has deep scratches these will not disappear by magic, you will have to dye them or apply bitumen. In Nahir’s bag something similar happened to us, the worn-out areas have been very well, but the biggest scratches have not disappeared.


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