7 Keys to Choose a Good Footwear For The Winter

The time has come to take out the winter clothes, and also the shoes. The choice of footwear is a key element for the health of our feet, both in summer and in winter.

After the good weather, it is very likely that our feet are not as careful as they should be. The sun, the heat, the pool, and some sandals make our feet suffer during the summer months. Therefore, we must take advantage of the winter arrival to start taking care of them again.

The shoe you need will depend on what you wear it for. If you are looking for a footwear for the office, it is better to give priority to comfort than to be very warm, since you will be sheltered and covered. If you travel long distances during your day, you must find a balance between them.

When you have decided what you are going to use your shoes for, you have to take into account the following characteristics: The fingers must have enough space and freedom of movement.

Choose a Good Footwear For The Winter

  1. The front must be flexible so that the joints of the foot can perform the movement.
  2. The sole has to provide stability and not be slippery. Soles with a certain thickness cushion the impact when walking, dissipating loads better. The best option is to opt for rubber soles or synthetic materials, they have much more cushioning capacity than leather ones.
  3. The shoe must be made of a breathable material, such as leather. This and other natural materials are more appropriate for cutting the shoe, which is the area that covers the foot. In addition, this will prevent odor and excessive sweating of the foot.
  4. The height of the heel of the shoe should not exceed 3 centimeters. The foot of an adult supports the weight of the whole body by distributing it between the front part and the heel, and it is precisely the heel that supports the main load. The higher the heel height the more weight will go to the front.
  5. Avoid very tight lasts that leave the foot imprisoned or the tips sharp. This type of footwear can cause the appearance of bunions.
  6. The area of the heel is important to be subject so that the shoe does not rise and lower when walking, as it can cause chafing and irritation in the area. In addition, the backrest can prevent sprains.
  7. If you use custom templates, it is preferable that you can remove the shoe insole for greater comfort, in this way the foot will have more space.

Investing in good shoes is investing in health. By following these little tips you can avoid many injuries to the feet and muscle tensions. And when you release a shoe do not use it all day, the foot needs a time of adaptation.

Enjoy the winter!


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