Resistol vs. Stetson Hats: What are the Differences

Resistol and Stetson are two popular American hat brands associated with making quality cowboy and western hats. Both hat factories operate under Hatco, Inc in Garland, Texas, where they produce hats of various styles and colors.

Resistol vs. Stetson is an ongoing argument for some people as those who are loyal to each of the brands keep trying to prove that their brand is better. However, what is clear is that every hat produced under any of the brand names is a standard and has the finest quality.

Resistol Hats

resistol hats

Resistol Hats brand, which means resist-all weather, began with Harry Rolnick in the 1920s. This young man loved fashion and quality, and so, in 1927, he partnered with E.R. Buyer, a young millionaire, to form the Byer-Rolnick company in Dallas, Texas.

The Byer-Rolnick company specializes in making felt hats for men in different styles and markets them under the brand name Resistol Hats. The company later expanded to a bigger facility in Garland, Texas, in the year 1938.

The expansion to Garland became necessary after the company made innovations such as adding Kitten Finish and Self-Conforming band, which earned them become known nationally, and Resistol hats are still manufactured there to date.

Byer-Rolnick’s commitment to producing top-quality hats has made them the only manufacturer that runs through all the over 200 processes of making a felt hat. The brand constructed a rough-body plant in Longview, Texas, and got a plant for cutting fur.

They acquired these plants to better control the quality of their products and their flow from the commencement to conclusion, making them bring out products that are consistent and have made the brand popular in western hats.

Their range of products includes the Resistol martel cowboy hat, Resistol wildfire straw hat, Resistol wilderness felt cowboy hat, and many others that come in various sizes and colors. It also has the innovative Resistol self-conforming western hat that reflects the western way of life.

Stetson Hats

Stetson hats

The Stetson brand started with John B. Stetson in the 1860s. He grew up in New Jersey as a hatter’s son and was traveling the Great American West wearing a fur felt hat he fashioned himself.

The story has it that while he was traveling the Colorado territory, a cowboy noticed Stetson in his hat and offered to pay him a piece of $5 gold for it, and that was how the first Stetson cowboy hat was sold.

Stetson set up his hat company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when he returned to the east. There, he made the first hat that he named “The Boss of the Plains.” Then, he made many more hats and send out samples to hat retailers.

The letter specified that the minimum order quantity was a dozen hats. The hats sold massively, which helped Stetson to build his factory before one year was over. He became the largest hat maker in the world in 1886.

He later expanded his factory by opening more factories in other locations to produce enough hats to meet customers’ demands. Stetson hats became popular among many cowboys and cowgirls all over the world and later became the official hat worn by the US Calvary, Royal Candian Mounted Police.

Stetson’s range of cowboy hats includes Stetson marshall’s cowboy hat, Stetson Boseman’s cowboy hat, Stetson revenger cowboy hat, and so many others. You can get different colors and sizes of these hats.

Which is better? Stetson vs. Resistol

Stetson hats are great, and Resistol hats are an awesome choice which makes it a bit difficult to choose between the two brands. Some other people tend to compare bailey vs. Stetson while still trying to find the difference between these brands.

Clearly, hats made by Stetson and Resistol brands come in various styles, sizes, and colors. Your preference, style, and budget go a long way to determine which brand to go for. The hats are made with different blocks and profiles.

Stetson hats tend to be rounder, while Resistol hats are longer. They use different silver bellies, and the designers for each brand have their different uniqueness. Both are premium brands, and their hats come in different X to show the amount of fur used in making the hat.

Resistol vs. American Hat Company

As someone who likes cowboy hats and may want to get one from a reputable brand, you may wonder the difference between Resistol vs. American Hat Company to know which one to go for. Well, let’s consider the two of them.

Resistol was founded by Harry Rolnick and E.R. Buyer, who was Rolnicks’ former customer. It was the first hat company to carry out the whole over 200 processes of making a felt hat. It still is the only company that does that. Resistol has “We live it every day” as their motto.

The company produces different types of straw and felt hats, and many people who want to buy a good cowboy hat always trust the Resistol cowboy brand.

On the other hand, the American Hat Company was founded by Sam Silver, a Russian immigrant. The company is known to produce water-resistant straw hats and they keep getting better for over 100 years. They also remain the one company that makes waterproof cowboy straw hats.

The hats they make are durable, and they have distinctive styles as the hats have a flat and open brim that you can customize to show your sense of style. Also, the felts go through hand finishing to ensure perfection and durability, which makes a lot of people choose their products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which is better, Stetson vs. Resistol?

Both Stetson and Resistol are premium brands that make the best of cowboy hats of different styles. The brand you choose depends on your preference as they have distinct qualities.

Some users reported that they feel more comfortable with Resistol hats as they are able to wear them all through the day, while some others say that Stetson’s hats are easier to handle. However, whichever one you choose, you are sure of getting a top-quality hat that’ll last for a long time.

Q: What is the best brand of a cowboy hat?

There are many brands that are making quality cowboy hats that last for many years, but the best brand is the one that suits your budget and specifications. Many hat makers produce hats having many specifications and personalities in mind, and you’ll be satisfied when you find the one that fits like it’s made for you.

The Stetson and Resistol brands are some of the best-known cowboy hat brands. They are produced by skilled workers who are dedicated to making excellent and quality hats. Most people know these brands to be durable and distinct from the rest.

The hats from Stetson and Resistol come in various styles, colors, and various fur grades. Whichever one you choose, ensure to buy from a good hatter that’ll shape and fit the hats until you get the one that is good for you.

Q: Why are Resistol hats so expensive?

Resistol hats are expensive because they are western cowboy hats made with wools and felts that are fur-based. They are usually durable, and maintaining them is easy. The hats are classic and simply timeless, and they are the only hat makers that go through the over 200 processes of producing felt hats.

Can Resistol hats get wet?

Yes, Resistol hats can get wet but ensure to clean them as soon as possible. For the fur felt or wool hat, you should turn down the sweatband and make the hat stand on it to let it dry naturally. Also, be careful not to rest the hat on its brim to avoid changing its shape.

For the straw hats, shake off the much water when they get wet.

Q: What hat does Clint Eastwood wear?

Clint Eastwood wears the Pale Rider, Blondie, Hang Em High, High plains Drifter, Josey Wales, Joe Kidd, Good Bad & Ugly, and Will Munny cowboy hats.

Q: What is the most popular Stetson hat?

The Stetson brand has many hats that many people love because of their quality and durability. However, the Stetson Men’s 6X seems to be everyone’s favorite. It is a fur-felt hat with an oval shape that gives it a unique look.

This Open Road hat comes with a flat brim with its edges rolled in, and the crown has dents. Its features make it have a western edge and yet don’t feel so much like a costume. Many cowboy hat lovers will likely have this hat in their hat collection.

Q: Did cowboys wear leather hats?

Leather cowboy hats are a modern alternative for cowboy hats’ production. Leather is durable and water-resistant but tends to get too hot during summer. Therefore, cowboys who wear leather hats might consider not wearing them in the summer.

Leather cowboy hats are made in different styles, and the hat’s shape is determined by its crown and brim styles.

Final Words

When you ask a cowboy the brand of cowboy hat he uses, he’ll likely mention Resistol or Stetson. These brands are known worldwide for their commitment to quality and the durability of their products.

The Resistol vs. Stetson hats are available in various styles and colors that’ll fit you well, so; you can always go for any of the two brands and be sure of great value for your money.


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