Advantages and Disadvantages of Leather Sofas

We know that one of the topics that most interest our readers is interior decoration. In today’s article, we want to talk about the possibility that you have been asking yourself when you are going to buy a sofa for your home. Does a Leather Sofa come in handy compared to other finishes?

In this article, given that we are retro-style evangelists, we are going to give you the benefits of having a Leather Sofa, which also combines very effectively with a retro or vintage decoration. We’re going over there!

Remember that the sofa is a fixed piece of furniture in any room decoration. It is a piece of furniture that may be missing. So you have to choose well.

Today I will try to address, from my own experience, the advantages and disadvantages of leather sofas, one of the options that are always present when choosing finishes, but about which there are a great controversy and diversity of opinions.

The advantages of leather sofas

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of leather sofas is cleaning and maintenance, especially if the leather is good. Normally, simply pass a cloth slightly moistened to remove easily the dust and most of the stains. If we see that one is resistant or that is especially dirty, a wipe with moisturizing cream like that of babies will leave it as good as new, even if it is white. A couple of times a year, we can protect the leather with a special cream for that purpose.

Another advantage is its greater durability. A leather sofa can last for many years “as new”, while a fabric sofa, although we can wash the covers, deteriorates and soils much more quickly.

Leather or Leather Sofas: synonym of resistance

The main advantage of leather sofas is its durability and resistance. This type of sofas tends to wear less compared to a soft cloth. Although we can wash the covers of the fabric sofa, these are deteriorating. It is proven that a leather sofa lasts more years and still has its appearance as if it were new. So we have to see that as an investment. If you want our sofa to last longer, the best option is to have a leather one.

Leather Sofas: Much easier to clean and maintain

Another benefit brought to us by leather sofas is their easy cleaning. Leather sofas are usually kept cleaner than other finishes, such as fabric sofas. Just applying a damp cloth to the spot we have detected is enough. There is an interesting curiosity … Did you know that the best-selling leather sofa color is white? Knowing that they are easy to clean is not a problem to buy a sofa with a color like white that is prone to get dirty more often than other colors.

Leather Sofas: Perfect for a vintage decoration

If you want to apply a vintage decoration in your living room, leather sofas are an element that helps a lot. Leather sofas tend to have a classic style (although you can also get them in a more modern style). The leather itself is a finish closely associated with retro or vintage decoration. Many of our parents and grandparents had leather sofas.

Leather Sofas: Furniture that gives presence

A leather sofa usually gives an image of greater elegance, greater presence. Gives a greater personality to our room. They are furniture that falls in love at first sight.


My experience with leather Sofa

In my parents’ house, we had a classic set of two and three-seater sofas upholstered in a strange mustard-colored cloth. With the commotion and the familiar coming and going, my memory is that they were always dirty no matter how much they washed the upholstery of the cushions, which was a very cumbersome process.

In the end, after trying several cases that never quite fit, I persuaded my father to buy a brown leather sofa even if the “old” were barely five years old. Since then, and of that five years ago, nobody has cleaned the sofa beyond passing a wet cloth, and it still seems that we bought it yesterday.

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When I became independent, I decided that my sofa would also be made of leather, but for decorative reasons, it had to be white, which aroused many fears about its cleanliness. After more than two years of use, it is only slightly less white, but it does not have a single stain or the blue marks of the jeans that the shop assistant augured me, and that as in it almost always – with the consequent risk – and my friends live it a lot when we play Mario Kart -stringing his blue jeans on the white skin of my sofa-.

In short, unless you love falling as God brought the world on the couch, your budget is very small or need a couch to get by, I sincerely recommend that you opt for a leather sofa, you will not regret it.

The drawbacks Of Leather Sofas

First, the biggest drawback when buying a leather sofa is its price, which can double or even triple the price of the same sofa upholstered in fabric or other finish. On the other hand, that surcharge is likely to be amortized due to the greater durability of the leather, but it is possible that at the time of purchase, it is not possible to make that additional outlay.

The second is usability. Although the skin is a pleasant material to the touch, its habitual use makes us discover some buts, which is mainly summarized in that it is cold in winter and hot in summer, in addition to its prolonged contact with bare skin makes you literally stuck.

Finally, here are some essential tips for the care of leather sofas:

Try to keep cutting objects, pets, and any other element that can damage or tear the skin, belts included as far as possible from them.

Try to move the sofa away from sun exposure, heating, and other sources of heat at least 60 cm, to prevent the skin from modifying its natural color.

There are multiple specific products to care for your leather sofa. Make sure you acquire the most appropriate one. Always check with the manufacturer.


I am an Architect Engineer by profession with great interest in web and content creation. I have used leather products for a long time, which has increased my enthusiasm, knowledge, and understanding of leather. I am here to shed light on the leather and guide you on choosing the best leather products.

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