12 Best Leather Backpack Diaper Bags Review 2020

As a new parent, it might seem strange and somewhat a herculean task to take care of babies, especially when you go out. The best solution you ever need is the best leather backpack diaper bag that ensures ease and comfort. While taking care of babies, there may be a need to clean them up after blowouts. Having a good quality leather backpack diaper bag allows you to carry extra diapers or baby wears anywhere you go.

It is as well important that you get the best backpack to use as a diaper bag as it will save you from stress. We have decided to intimate you with the best diaper bags backpack that will make nursing a child interesting and pleasurable for you. Whether you are just going to an event or party with your baby or you are traveling, you can rest assured that you’ve got all that you need in your leather backpack diaper bag.

Top 12 Best Leather Backpack Diaper Bags Reviews

01. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

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Becoming a parent could bring with it a blend of excitement and burden. The joy of having a baby to nurture is astounding. In spite, the task of caring for babies can also be overwhelming. Nursing mothers know the benefits that they enjoy from carrying the Skip Hop diaper bag backpack. The bag is a perfect definition of comfy and classy, as it also serves its main purpose of keeping baby diapers. Its moderate Portobello color ensures that it is a perfect fit for fashionable mothers because it is not quite flashy. Many features make this Skip Hop leather bag suitable for nursing mothers.


The high-quality vegan leather material

  • Skip Hop leather backpack diaper bags, as the name implies, are made of high-quality vegan leather.  The crafting of the vegan leather is top-notch and pretty accurate. To cap it all, in case there are some spills on the bag, the vegan material makes it possible to wipe off those spills easily.

Cross straps

  • The cross-body strap that comes with the bag makes it possible to be carried either as a diaper bag backpack or across the body. Whichever way you want it, your convenience is foremost.

Large Space

  • Sufficient space that allows you to carry other essential items like tablets, laptops, and other personal devices.

Light to carry

  • The lightweight of the bag means that you can carry it over a long distance without getting tired.
  • Changing pad that is easy to wash.


  • Slightly stiff zippers.
  • Straps are a bit difficult to adjust to stay put.

02. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack Multi-Function Baby Travel Bag

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Do you know that feeling when you get the best leather diaper backpack bag for a low price? Exactly!. You got more than your money’s worth. The bag is well crafted with a perfect seam that makes it look fashionable and as well durable. The tassel at the front of the bag adds to its aesthetic appearance. As a result of its perfect design, this bag goes well for multiple functions as you can either choose to use it as a backpack or cross it around your body in a stylish way.

The color is quite simple and classy as well. I bet that with you that you would have a fascinating experience when you rock this leather backpack diaper bag. It indeed makes nursing a child easy and comfortable.


  • Material is produced of vegan leather, which is very durable and easily resists dirt or spills.
  • Inside the diaper bag, there is a cushioned changing pad that adds to the comfort that you get from rocking this diaper bag.
  • The number of compartments in the bag is up to nine (9). These several numbers of pockets allow you to take along with you anywhere several important items that you deem fit, such as bottles and mobile phones.
  • The top handle is very firm and can be used to hold or carry the bag. The straps are adjustable as well.
  • The diaper bag comes with stroller straps that make it possible for you to hang or attach the bag to a stroller.


  • The zippers may be slightly difficult to move.

03. KZNI KMA4 Unisex Diaper Baby Bags 

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This is an excellent diaper bag that makes you a proud nursing parent. You do know how awesome and lovely black bags go on any outfit, right? The black color of this diaper backpack bag makes it suitable for both fashion and diaper carriage purposes. The design is simple yet exquisite. This KZNI Diaper bag is designed for both sexes such that either parent can carry the diaper bag containing baby diapers. Whether you are going to maternity, events, or even traveling, you can be sure that you have got the best leather bag to carry your baby diapers along.


They do not wear or tear easily.

  • This diaper backpack bag is made of durable and lasting leather material that is also waterproof. Baby diapers, when stored inside the bag, are safe from water when it rains.

Spacious compartment

  • KZNI unisex diaper bags have two (2) thermal pockets where you can keep baby bottles as well as at least nine (9) compartments where other important stuff such as milk powder, baby toys and even wipers can be kept.

Suitable for both men and women

  • With the stroller that you can attach the bag onto by locking both upper handles, KZNI diaper bag can be comfortably carried by either men or women while travelling with babies.
  • The leather material is easy to clean off as it does not retain dirt or spills.
  • Package includes a diaper changing pad that ensures that carrying the bag is comfortable for you.


  • Too heavy loads may cause a bag to begin tearing.

04. Leather Diaper Bag Backpack by MF Store

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What do you think about using a leather diaper bag backpack by MF Store that allows you to take along all that you need? Interesting and lovely! This exquisite diaper backpack comes with a laptop sleeve that allows you to carry a laptop in your diaper backpack. Whether you are just taking a stroll or you are hitting the office, you can always take all the essentials that are needed in this leather bag. You can decide to mount the sleeves on your shoulders or to stylishly cross the bag straps around your body.


  • Quite a lot of space with 13 pockets, seven inner pockets, and six compartments on the outside, you are good to go with the ever spacious backpack. There is also room for your laptop or iPads to be kept in the bag.
  • Waterproof leather material that helps secure the items that you keep in the diaper bag backpack. This fabric also confers durability on the bag.
  • The large size of the bag (13 inches by 7 inches by 12 inches) gives room for packing as many important items.
  • Your items are securely kept. With the aid of the zipper closures at the interior and exterior compartments, all items that you keep in the diaper bag stays intact and do not fall off.
  • Adjustable straps allow you to let your hands stay free. Rather than holding the bag handles, you can fasten the adjustable straps to your back and carry the diaper bag as a backpack.


  • May begin to have a bad odor when it is too stuffy

05. Citi Babies Tan Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

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When it comes to a very large diaper bag backpack that is roomy and yet of good quality, then this bag is highly recommended. From its perfect design and crafting to other amazing features, there is nothing more you would want in a diaper bag backpack that is missing here. The several numbers of pockets or compartments make you an organized mum or parent as you are always able to arrange baby items (baby diapers, milk powder, and water bottles) as well as personal items that are important to you.


  • Well knitted Vegan leather material made from double cross-stitching, and that is durable and very thick. The leather does not wear or tear easily.
  • Very large compartments and pockets make this diaper the best backpack diaper bag for twins. Whether you are carrying your twins or multiple kids outside, the diaper bag is spacious enough to accommodate baby accessories for both of them, measuring 17 by 11 by 8 inches.
  • A proper assemblage of this diaper backpack bag allows you to keep your baby items orderly so that you can have access to them anytime.
  • The stroller clip is included in this package so that you can hang the bag on a stroller to move easily.
  • The unisex design is well crafted, such that it fits excellently for both the nursing father or mother.


  • Leather material may begin to wear or tear when the diaper bag is frequently stuffed up.

06. Leather Backpack Bag with Changing Pad by Miss Fong


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This diaper backpack bag by Miss Fong comes in different lovely colors which are Black, Brown, Grey, and Navy. Depending on your color preference, you can choose the best colour that you deem fit for your fashion style. For a long time, this Miss Fong leather diaper bag has been known as every nursing mother’s choice as a result of the exceptional comfort it offers. Quality adjustable straps,  large bag capacity, stylish design, and perfect knitting are some of the features that make this diaper bag perfect for traveling or any occasions.


  • The regular version of this diaper bag has several pockets, some of which include a wipe pocket at the back as well as a zipper pocket at the diaper bag back also. Besides, an extra big pocket at the back still adds more than enough room to keep all baby nursing items as well as other essentials.
  • The bag can be worn as a backpack, attached to a stroller, held by the handle or worn on the shoulder as a crossbody bag.
  • Leather material is made of waterproof fabric, making your baby items safe.
  • Diaper bag size is large enough to accommodate baby diapers and important stuff.
  • Unique artistic design that portrays style and class.


  • Not portable.

07. Miss Fong New Convertible Black Diaper Backpack

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Looking for the best diaper bag backpack in 2020? Look no further as Miss Fong New Convertible diaper backpack is the latest trend among nursing mothers who would give all it takes to raise their kids well. With this diaper bag, you are never left stranded whether you are on vacation with your family or you are traveling somewhere. Your baby diapers and other stuff are right at your disposal due to the spacious compartments in the bag.


  • A wipe pocket at one side and a zipper pocket at the other side on the back.
  • The bag can be suspended as a backpack.
  • The bag can be used as a travel bag once you unzip the bottom zipper and insert it in a suitcase.
  • Waterproof leather material and internal fabric.
  • The bag size is large enough.


  • Mainly designed for females.

08. Halova Diaper Backpack

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Utility and multiple functions are what this Halova diaper bag is known for. It is well crafted to meet style, fashion, and importantly, baby care needs. The fabric is of high-quality leather that does not wear or tear and is easily wiped clean. It has a large space enough to carry baby diapers and stuff, yet the bag looks portable. Halova diaper backpack has a main compartment and five interior pockets.


  • Durable and water-resistant leather material.
  • With the plain black or grey color, it is a fitting diaper bag for either the dad or the mom to any outing or event.
  • Anti-theft pocket protection is ensured by the inclusion of zippers.
  • Ergonomic-friendly diaper bag as it is designed to save from stress.
  • The feeding bottle pockets are insulated to make bottles preserved in it intact and warm.


  • Bag does not have a compartment for a laptop.

09. Vegan Leather Backpack by The Honest Company

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All that you need in a diaper bag backpack is encapsulated in this wonderful design. It is important to note that this bag was produced with users’ health safety in mind. It was made without leather glues, polyurethane foams, or Heavy metals. It is specially designed for parents to be comfortable while taking care of babies. This leather backpack bag is quite roomy and suitable for multiple functions. It comes in many colors


  • Tough, sturdy, and high-quality vegan leather material made from polyurethane.
  • It has a changing pad that has a zippered pocket and that can be carried separately.
  • Unisex diaper backpack bag that can be worn by either the daddy or the mommy on outings while taking the baby along.
  • Made without toxic substances such as phthalates, chlorine processing, latex, and polyurethane foams.
  • Pockets both interiorly and exteriorly where you could store phones or keys.


  • Non-insulated bag compartments

10. Black Vegan Tote Diaper Backpack Bag

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Made from absolute polyurethane vegan leather, this diaper bag is exceptional and very functional. Ranging from keeping baby supplies intact to keeping parents’ stuff safe, its functions are diverse. This Tote backpack bag is verified safe as it is produced without toxic substances such as PVC. The leather material can easily be cleaned of spills or dirt.


  • Insulated feeding bottle pockets that keep baby foods warm and intact.
  • Stroller strap is included in this package to allow you to hang this tote diaper bag onto a stroller for much convenience. The bag can also be held by its handle.
  • Multiple pockets make enough room for keeping stuff.
  • A zippered changing pad is included in the bag.
  • It is made from polyurethane vegan leather.


  • The bag cannot be carried like a backpack but can be used across the body.

11. Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Backpack

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Comfortable and relaxing diaper backpack with black herringbone. Itzy Ritzy diaper bag backpack is designed especially for nursing parents, and it features essential compartments such as bottle pockets and changing pads with zippers. Stroller clips are also included to attach the diaper bag conveniently to a stroller while traveling. Leather color is black, and it does not retain spills.


  • Several pockets are numbering up to 17 in total for organizing what you need on a journey or adventure.
  • Two insulated pockets help to keep baby’s feeding bottle or other accessories either warm or cold.
  • The base of the diaper backpack bag is covered with rubber feet to prevent the bag from getting dirty when placed on the ground.
  • A vegan leather tassel at the front of the diaper bag adds style, fashion, and flair to the bag.
  • The bag can be carried as a backpack or by the handle.


  • Bag seam may begin to weaken with too heavy loads.

12. Little Fox Diaper Backpack Bag

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You love handmade diaper bags, don’t you? Such is a little fox diaper backpack bag that is known for its perfect crafting and knitting. Caring parents want the best for their kids and also what is comfortable for them. For either going for outings or you are traveling, this diaper backpack bag is comfy and roomy enough for your baby’s accessories. The leather material is sturdy and tough, which makes sit durable and long-lasting.


  • The bag body is made of high-quality leather that is easy to clean even with a wipe.
  • Your stuff is easily organized in the internal pockets.
  • Adjustment strap allows or crossbody bag placement.
  • Cheap and cost-friendly.


  • Not as many internal compartments.

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Benefits of A Leather Backpack Diaper Bag for Travelling Parents

Whether it’s vacation, adventure or going on visits to family and relatives, parents do always have things planned out. This traveling plan majorly boils down to what to take along and how to take them. For parents with babies, they have to ensure that many baby accessories are taken along with them over the traveling, and then there comes the need for a backpack diaper bag.

Backpack diaper bags have got all the necessary features that a traveling bag should have. There are lots of spaces and compartments that allow for more than enough stuff to be carried along. These are some of the benefits that traveling parents get from using leather backpack diaper bags.


Most backpack diaper bags allow freedom of hands movement as they can either be suspended as backpacks on the shoulder or hung across the body. With this feature, traveling parents no longer have to bother about maintaining bag balance with one hand while carrying the baby with the other.

Unisex usage

Whether it’s the Dad that is traveling with the baby or the Mom, either parent can make use of the same backpack diaper bag. The design of the bag is well suited for both sexes.


Diaper bag backpacks when worn as backpacks balance comfortably on both shoulders as a result of the soft straps on both sides. It allows for comfortability without any stress to the back.

Sufficient pockets and compartments

Diaper backpack bags are known for the numerous spaces that they have. Whether you want to take baby accessories with you while traveling or you want t include other items, there is more than enough space for that. Parents who work remotely can easily slot in their laptops and mobile devices in diaper bag pockets.

Things To Consider Before Buying Leather Backpack Diaper Bags 

It is a lot easier to make a purchase of leather diaper backpack bags on Amazon USA. This is designed to guide you on getting the best out of the products that we offer. The diaper bags are available online for you to make orders based on your preferences. Before you purchase a product, there are some important factors for you to consider.

  • Size- Whether it is the large size diaper bag that you want or the small and portable diaper backpack bag, different sizes are available for you to select from.
  • Colour- There are many diaper backpack bags colors to select from, such as black, grey, navy, brown, and so on. While purchasing a diaper backpack bag, ensure that you select the color that best interests you.
  • Weight- Select a bag that will be easy for you to carry. Several diaper bags are portable and are of medium weights, while some are heavy. Depending on your purpose of the purchase, select the one you are interested in.
  • Leather material- A good diaper bag made of vegan and other tough leather is advised to buy. However, the diaper bag products shown here are not produced from toxic materials such as polyurethane foam, chlorine processing, or other harmful substances.

Having made the best choice of leather diaper backpack bag, you can decide to add the selected products to your Amazon cart. The cart allows you to make your order afterward at any convenient time. If you are ready to make an order for the selected diaper bag, proceed to add your card information details to make payment.

These leather diaper backpack bags are of good quality as they are durable and sturdy. Every user of this product keeps informing others to benefit from these diaper bags.  Customer reviews and testimonials are proof of that.

“Going out with my new baby has got a lot easier for me. I used to be so bothered by the thought of going to pay visits to relatives with my baby. The thoughts of how to pack necessary baby supplies were overwhelming. But since I purchased a leather diaper backpack bag, it has gotten a lot better. The bag straps rest comfortably on the shoulder when carried as a backpack.”

These leather diaper backpack bags are much better in many regards than the conventional diaper bags that would wear and tear in a short time. They are carefully designed with accurate crafting and a sense of artwork with style. You will always keep asking for more.

best backpack to use as diaper bag

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a diaper bag as a purse?

Yes, you can use a diaper bag as a purse. A diaper backpack bag has multiple functions that allow you to carry it as a purse. The several numbers of pockets and spaces in the diaper bag make it possible for you to store all the stuff that you would need for any outing or while you are traveling. The zippers on each pocket also help to protect the items that you keep. You can also decide to remove the changing pad in the diaper bag and carry it as a purse.

What makes a good diaper bag?

A good diaper bag is known by the features that it has, as well as by the purpose it serves. Most importantly, the leather material from which a diaper bag is made determines its quality. A sturdy vegan leather material that is durable and easy to wipe with a leather cleaner makes a good diaper bag. Also, a diaper bag with strong adjustable straps and multiple pockets to keep stuff will give you maximum benefits and satisfaction. Also, you should know how to remove gum from leather as part of maintaining the diaper bag.

What is the average size of a diaper bag?

Diaper bags come in varying sizes depending on the amount of stuff you would like to carry with them. Also, there are different shapes and designs of diaper bags that may get your attention. A diaper bag size of 13 by seven by 12 is of medium size and will be able to contain quite some baby accessories and supplies, while a diaper bag size of 17 by 11 by 8 is very large and spacious.

Is a diaper bag really necessary?

Purchasing a diaper bag makes nursing a baby easier. It is an essential tool that you need to conveniently and comfortably take care of your baby even as a new parent. Rather than bothering yourself with the thought of how to pack baby supplies while going on an outing or and adventure, a diaper bag remains the best option. There is enough space in a diaper bag for you to pack all accessories, including your devices like laptops, iPads, key,s and mobile phones.

What should you pack in a leather bag?

There is a lot of items to pack in a leather diaper bag. You can pack essential baby needs such as baby diapers, milk powders, feeding bottles, baby spoons, clothes, and napkins. If you are a parent that works remotely and would need your device while traveling, there is a good and comfy pocket in a diaper bag to keep your device safe and secure.

Do you really need a diaper bag?

The truth is that a diaper bag remains the best tool for carrying baby supplies safely and comfortably. You do need a diaper bag as it gives more benefits than any other materials of lower standards. Enjoy parenting by getting a leather diaper bag.

Final Words

You can make the best of parenting with the best leather backpack diaper bags that are easily available to you. To have an interesting adventure or outing, a diaper backpack bag of the best quality ensures that you have all that it is needed right at your disposal. Being a nursing mother does not have to make you unorganized. Leather diaper backpack bags like every other leather handbags make you look classy, fashionable, stylish, and organized. The diaper bags are durable as a result of the high-quality leather material. You can also make orders for the best and comfortable leather diaper backpack bags at very low and affordable prices.


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