Best Leather Work Gloves

When it comes to gloves, leather has a long and successful history as the traditional material favored by many. It offers a level of protection against abrasion that is difficult to overcome.

Unfortunately, it is not effective against cuts. For this reason, we continue to offer an excellent selection of styles in leather. Some have cut-resistant liners, because they remain the preferred choice for industrial and construction applications, as well as for other heavy duty tasks.

In this article, we have listed top 5 best leather work gloves. We believe that they are the ones that best meet the needs of workers who require more durable gloves than those of standard fabric and that provide better protection for the hands. 

The leather work glove is the best one among our choice list. It is made of 100% genuine leather. This is very comfortable and durable gloves in the market. If you are looking for a working gloves for smooth and comfortable working, it will be the best option for you. It is also perfect for a linesman or rancher type user because of its heavy weight and durability. You can use it as the best work gloves for cold weather.

For a comfort and proper fittings it features a keystone or inset thumb. The leather working golve comes with 5 different sizes and 6 different color options. It is epecially made for men for working but actually perfect both for men and women. It is actually perfect as a motorcycle gloves and also as a winder gloves.

The KIM YUAN leather glove is 2nd best choice in our list.  If you are a gardener and wants to work in your garden comfortably, it is the perfect choice for you. It is made from high quality cow leather that ensure thickness. The work gloves for mechanics is well known for its longevity. It is very soft and flexible and also moderate oil resistant, cut resistance and puncture resistant.

To improve productivity when working, it will be the perfect solution for you. It ensure excellent performance in welding related works. It is very resistant to high temperatures up to 662 °F than other gloves. The heat resistant working glove is very durable and the finish is also excellent. The hand gloves is perfect both for men and women for welding, cutting and handlening/gardening. 

The OZERO leather insulated work glove are fully insulated with soft, thick, and comfortable lambwool. The insulated winter work gloves ensure comfort and very flexible for winter working.

There are 3 different sizes and 2 color options for this product. The best work glove is made from high quality cow leather that ensure durability and flexibility. It is water resistant, puncture resistant and cut resistant.

The leather glove is perfect for snow work, driving car, gardening and utility work for winter. The winter glove has superior flexibility and durability because your fingers will sewing with the palm autonomously. Perfectly fit for men and women. This heavy duty work glove is perfect for warehouse, construction, farming, fencing, stone work, driving etc. Choose the right one considering your hand size.

Do you want to gardening related works with proper safety? If yes, this top quality work glove will be perfect for you.  This working glove ensure adequate protection with relaxation and comfort.

The construction work glove is made of goat leather that ensure durability and productivity while working. The gardening glove protects your rose from being damaged. It is made of 100% natural goat grain leather. The goatskin work glove is also works as the best work gloves for electricians.

 Protects your hand from scratches because it is puncture resistant. If you want to plant seed or any other motor task, the working glove will be the best options than other glove. It comes with  5 different sizes and 4 different color options. Choose the glove according your needs.

The OZERO work glove is made of 100% genuine cow leather that makes it longer lasting work gloves. The durable and comfortable leather glove made or imported from USA.  As it is made of genuine grain cowhide, it is very thick  and abrasion resistant. The thin work glove is also flexible, soft, puncture resistant, tear resistant, moderate oil resistant and cut resistant.

The glove gives you better grip and wear resistance because it features  reinforced palm patch. The material of the working gloves are naturally non-irritant, sweat-absorbent, and ensure comfortable working experience.  It comes with 6 different sizes and 2 different color options that are perfect fit both for men and women. Perfect solution for wood working, farming, gardening and any types of construction work.

How To Choose Safety Gloves For Work?

As we have already mentioned in previous entries, it is very important to use  work protection equipment  to work safely, either in our daily work or in specific DIY tasks.

Therefore, it is vital to choose the appropriate protection elements depending on the work we are going to carry out.

Today we will talk about one of the most used protection elements, safety gloves or  work gloves , an element that is responsible for protecting our hands.

It so happened that the best gloves are those that are made of kid skin. It has nothing to do with the very skin of the name sled dogs. So call the treated skin of sheep or goats after your haircut. It is very soft, flexible and soft. These gloves are very comfortable to use.

Very cheap gloves do not buy, even if it is not immediately obvious fake. Most likely, this is still a faux leather. Recent counterfeits, too, are of very good quality. Maximum of these gloves will last one or two seasons. Why do you run out every shopping trip of the year, fit and nerves such as "Once again, there is nothing suitable." It is better to buy only the real, which will serve you long enough.

With the exhibition of the material that you have already read. Now, it is necessary to know what other characteristics to consider when choosing a leather glove. Some people believe that first-class gloves are manufactured in Eastern Europe, that is, in Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary. But this does not mean that you can not make high quality gloves in the other country.

Examining the gloves, pay attention to the quality of their coloring, sewing and cutting operations. Properly sewn gloves will be worn with ease, and will relieve the hand brush. In this case, you should not feel discomfort or stiffness in your movements. Removing the gloves soon acquires original appearance.

The skin should be dyed in all its thickness. The color of the paint should be the same in all areas of the glove. Small differences in shades of colors allowed in cases where the reason for this is made particularly of the skin, its texture.

The joints must be of good quality, without fitting suture points. In the glove there should not be a very large number of stitches. Otherwise, the glove quickly deforms and loses its original shape.

The coating is missing or made of fine silk fabric. This option is ideal for the spring and early fall months.

Lined with the sweater. Warmer variant that preferably uses early spring and fall. These gloves are called demi.

Aligned with the skin. These gloves are definitely opting for winter.


Even something of high quality can go wrong if one is careless and I do not care. With proper care, the gloves will delight you with a beautiful view for over a year. Storage conditions of leather gloves are very simple, but many of them for some reason forget.

Wash the gloves in any case, it is impossible! So just ruin the product. The options are many flaws - the gloves are stretched or feel dumb. Wet leather gloves can not dry on the radiator. They should be dried in the unfolded state at normal room temperature.

If the selected gloves were a bit small (But just a little, not a couple of sizes!), Then you can expand your own gloves. To do this, wrap the gloves in a small damp cloth and leave it for ten minutes. After that, the gloves can be put on their hands and as such until they are completely dry.

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