10 Best Paint for Leather Reviews – 2020

Do you want to add a touch of color or a unique design to a leather surface? Do you constantly ask yourself what the best paint for leather is? Well, leather paint is a great way to give new colors and essence to bags, shoes, and leather or vinyl furniture. Read on for the best paints for leather products.

Leather is a flexible and durable material created by tanning the skin of animals. It can be produced at manufacturing scales from crafts to modern industry.

Leather is used in making a variety of items, including shoes, car seats, and clothing, bags, ties, furniture, and fashion accessories. It is produced in different variations and styles and is decorated with a wide range of techniques.

We have searched the Internet for quality leather paint sets, and we have come up with these ten best leather paint kits to share with you.

The Best Paint for leather Reviews.

01. Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12 1 Oz

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Angelus has been manufacturing leather and footwear related products for over 100 years. These include leather conditioners, polishes, protective sprays, and leather paint.

This set of 12 colors is suitable for use on leather shoes. Each bottle contains an ounce of acrylic paint in vibrant or soft tones. You can choose between black, brown, white, or red or change it to bat, turquoise, orange, paint or yellow.

The paint is flexible so that once applied, it should not be peeled off, bleached, broken, or rubbed. It is a water-based acrylic that facilitates cleaning and use. You can apply this paint with paintbrushes, sponges, spray paint and an airbrush.

You can use it to cover scratches and scuffs on shoes, sneakers, and boots, to completely change the color. You can be creative in your spare time by designing and applying colors for a unique look.

These paints can also be used on shoes by adding Angelus 2-Soft.

Be prepared to apply more coats of this paint, as it looks a bit thinner. Since it is necessary to dry each layer, it can take a day or more to get a good coating when painting a pair of shoes or boots.

  • Many colors are available.
  • Flexible with resistance to capture and peeling.
  • You can apply it in several ways.
  • It should cover scratches and scuffs.
  • It may be necessary to apply several coats.

02. Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint Starter Kit 12 1oz

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If you want to create colorful custom designs, the Angelus original leather paint starter kit is a great foundation. This kit includes 12 pre-mixed pigments. Each color is packaged in a 30 ml bottle with an applicator lid.

The paint has a water-based origin that softens and does not crack. All original primary, neutral, and metallic paints are included.

  • 12 colors to get started with
  • Does not peel or break
  • 1 oz bottles
  • Integrated applicators
  • More layers are needed for full coverage

03. Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint-4oz.-Dark Taupe

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Angelus produces the best acrylic skin paint on the market. Dark Taupe is perfect for the following custom shoe or shoe restoration projects!

Angelus acrylic leather paints are the leading shoe paints on the market, with bright and resistant colors. Make sure you get the touch you need: this not only ensures that your work stays in place, but also that your leather is ready to hold and keep the paint. Angelus 4oz-Taupe Leather Acrylic Paint is a great product and is highly recommended.

  • Glossy paints perfect for decorating and dyeing smooth leather, vinyl, or any other porous material.
  • Do not crack, peel or rub off once completely dry, remaining flexible
  • Water-based for easy cleaning.
  • Can be used for knitting, cotton, and laces when mixed with 2-thin
  • Mixing with Angelus Duller will modify the finish for a smooth, matte appearance.
  • Matte Finish
  • Non-cracking
  • It dries quickly
  • odorless
  • Visible brush streaks when dry
  • Stains the surface permanently

04. Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit, Contains 1 Ounce

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Looking for just the basics? The Angelus Basic Leather Paint Kit is available in six colors, including red, yellow, blue, white, and black. It also includes a set of five-piece brushes that can be used for leather applications.

Also, the kit comes with a bottle of deglazing. These high-quality primary paints can be mixed to create custom shades.

  • All primary colors
  • Black and white included
  • Deglaze included
  • Five-piece brush set
  • Paint stays smooth
  • None

05. Angelus Leather Paint 4 Oz Black

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Angelus Leather Paint 4 Oz Black is best suited for leather or leather shoes, and with its thick and luxurious texture and density, it will cover evenly and abundantly. Although this regular acrylic paint on leather has a variety of colors, the metallic shades have a shiny property due to the small shoe paint, which can use some old scratches or leave streaks inside.

This regular acrylic paint on leather is thick and rich, so you must shake it thoroughly before use, particularly if you want to paint a leather purse or bag. It is beautifully coated on canvas to maintain uniform color and, once dry, can be coated with transparent varnish to better protect against splashes.

The base is acrylic, but it does not contain oily paints on leather that can ingest the leather or other cotton-like leathers.

  • Thick Coverage
  • Color Options
  • Luxurious Look
  • Canvas Paint
  • None

06. Angelus Leather Paint 4 Oz Flat White

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White is one of the several popular leather color applications in the market. This 100 ml bottle filled with flat white leather paint is perfect for touching up unique sneakers and other leather items. It is a typical water-based acrylic that softens.

You ought not to worry about spills and drops, because the Angelus mix is effortless to clean.

  • The pure white color is ideal for sports shoes.
  • 4 oz tall glass
  • Easy to clean
  • It is not toxic
  • Can be mixed with other colors
  • It will be removed if the top layer of the leather treatment is not removed.

07. Angelus Leather Paint 4 Oz Dark Brown

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Lately, Angelus leather paints have become more prevalent in festivals and concert scenes and for a good reason. In normal neon light, the paintings are not distinct, but under black light, the bright brown colors come to life. This Angelus long-lasting shoe paint has an extraordinary wealth of colors until it seems to shine with standard light!

Durability is essential with paint. In other words, you don’t want the color to start to fade or fade quickly. This paint is thick, opaque, and made to last a long time, resistant even to the most severe UV discoloration. It can also be machine washed, so if you put your shoes in the car, you don’t have to worry about the paint.

The color result refers to the coverage and vitality of each layer applied. This particular paint is also ideal for dark leathers and is easy for beginners. The variety of vibrant colors and the sensitivity to UV rays stand out. The cost-effectiveness of colors is also impressive, which means you don’t need to use too much when painting a Bonded Leather, or a PU Leather, or even a Vegan Leather.

  • Strong color payoff
  • Resists fading
  • Sensitive to light
  • Bright brown color
  • Just for leathers

08. Fiebing’s Acrylic Black Leather Paint 2 oz. (59mL) 2604-01

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Fiebing’s Acrylic leather paint is supplied in 2-ounce bottles. There are eleven different bright colors to choose from. The paints have intense pigments that can stand the test of time. The colors remain smooth and evenly dry.

They do not break and do not peel. Also, you can use water to adjust the color naturally.

  • Use dark skin without primer
  • Water can be used to dilute the tones.
  • 11 water-based acrylic vibrators to choose from
  • None

09. Angelus Leather Paint 4 Oz Flat Black

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If you are not familiar with Angelus leather paint4 OZ Flat Black, they usually have a pearl quality and a shine on them. They tend not to peel, break or cut, especially on leathers, textiles, and a multitude of other materials with which shoes are made. The Oz Flat Black is weather-resistant and works particularly well to adhere to non-porous materials, such as metal buckles that can adorn your shoes.

Angelus Leather Paint 4 Oz offers several different options for easy application. You can use a paintbrush for constant strokes or add a sharp effect to your canvas. A seal can be used for perfect reasons, and a sponge can be useful when creating an ideal blend.

This leather paint can be used on natural and synthetic leathers such as the PU leather, Vegan, and Bonded Leather, as well as on leather cleaner for furniture. This can be used to touch scratches and debris on the shoes. And it is available in a variety of shades, so you will find what you need.

  • Good for various materials
  • Metallic finish
  • Water-based
  • Very thick

10. Springfield Leather Company’s Pale Blue Acrylic Leather Paint

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A paint designed and manufactured specifically for leather shoes. It must be the most useful creation I have found. Prepare to touch your favorite leather shoes that you’ve been pushing away for months with ease and simplicity. This non-toxic leather shoe paint is available in a variety of shades to ensure you find the perfect fit for your shoe.

For a guaranteed first-class finish, remove the finish of the upper shoe from the area you touch. The next step can be done in two ways: using a high-quality brush or sponge for artists. Watch out for scratches that remain when using a brush. A sponge is recommended because it leaves more finishing effects on it.

This leather polish can be used to reach marks, shoes, and scratches on any leather shoe that needs a little love. It can also be used to completely restore a pair of old and worn shoes that you haven’t used in years. The paint can be used on a variety of other products, including leather wallets and accessories, jackets, boots, and furniture. It can also be used on rubber and plastic shoes. Springfield Leather Company’s Pale Blue Acrylic Leather Paint is available in an ounce bottle, and the price is right. This brand is known for its superior quality and has not disappointed in this category. The quality of the product far exceeds the price. These tables can also be purchased individually or in larger packages, depending on your needs.

  • A Little Goes A Long Way
  • Best Used With Sealant
  • Remarkable Coverage
  • True To Color
  • Long-Lasting
  • Requires Multiple Layers
  • Poor Packaging Design

Buyers Guide

Is this the first time you plan to buy leather paints? Have you purchased an inferior quality product and want to avoid making the same mistake twice? If so, read on for helpful tips on buying leather paints.


There are several methods of applying paint. These include, but are not limited to, the airbrush, brush, and sponge. There are many dyeing techniques in each technique, ensuring the desired appearance.

When you use a brush, there are several ways to do this. You can use a dry brush or a wet brush. You can use a small or large brush. You can also use a flat or round brush. The options are endless. When using a paintbrush, many different brushstrokes can be useful, such as scumbling and stippling.


When you decide to paint leather, you have many decisions to make. What color do I want? Do I want an elegant finish? Do I want a dull or bold color?

Color is an essential aspect of painting leather. If you are entirely redoing a shoe or furniture, it should not be too difficult to find the color you prefer. For example, if you’re playing with a leather shoe, it might be a little more challenging to find the right shade to look at together. Fortunately, these paint brands have a massive choice of colors.


When we talk about the sustainability of the paint, we are talking about the speed of color, the resistance of color to fading. The leather goes through a lot of wear every day, so it is essential that the paint resists this type of wear.

Many factors can determine the color speed of a particular paint. Paints pre-mixed with some primer will not only be more color resistant, but you will also get better color rendering.


One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing leather paints is the amount of coverage it will provide. The volume of the lid you use can create or break a masterpiece. A layer can appear almost transparent and often make brush strokes more visible. Now, waiting for the first coat to dry and applying a second coat will make a difference. Patience is the key to this procedure.

There are very few paints on the market that guarantee the satisfaction of covering only one coat. Typically, you will need two levels, if not three. Using a paint primer will also provide much better and cleaner coverage for your artistic needs.

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Value is not necessarily something that can be quantified, but we, as consumers, consider the cost of something before making a decision. After all, we want the best for ourselves on budget.

As in all cases, the value of a particular painting is subjective and probably depends on your project. Maybe you are just painting shoes, furniture’s or purses for a party or event and are more interested in the generosity of the colors. Or perhaps you are using it to cover a sign of wear on your favorite leather product and want the color to blend perfectly. Or you maybe you wish to have a specific finish, such as metallic or shiny. It is essential to get paint that fits your priorities and how a product aligns with them.

Best Leather Paint

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you paint the leather?

Yes, you can. Leather paints are acrylic paints created especially for the treatment of leather and synthetic leather. Although standard acrylic paints can also be used in a craft store, leather paints are not much more expensive and are designed to adhere to these types of materials without cutting, peeling, or cracking over time. It is possible to paint leather furniture, but it is a little more complicated than painting more ordinary upholstery or other objects with simple paint on the fabric. In addition to requiring a specific type of acrylic paint, certain preparations must be made before starting to paint leather furniture.

Q: How do you seal paint on leather?

  • Add 1 ounce. One bleaching step for the leather. of water. …
  • Mix a solution of 1 part of water-based acrylic paint and 1 part of water. Apply the diluted lacquer on the leather with a woolen cloth. Apply only a light layer. …
  • Apply acrylic paint in undiluted water with a 5 cm brush. Let the surface dry for two hours.

Q: Does spray paint stay on leather?

Yes! You can create perfect leather without dying. Change the appearance of your leather, shoes, or accessories by carefully applying spray paint to the leather. You will need to prepare the leather surface for painting carefully.

Q: Is acrylic paint waterproof?

Acrylic paint is not very water-resistant. It is mostly water-resistant because it is a polymer. But because it is porous, it gradually absorbs water. The pores are so small that they are not visible. Once the water has been absorbed, it will be easier to fill it until it dries again. Some art curators recommend painting acrylic paints with a permanent water-based acrylic paint. With oil, until a thin layer of drying oil, such as nuts or flaxseed, or recommended once curing is complete (minimum three days) and wash with clean water. Distilled water to remove any surfactants that may occur and to prevent the oil from sticking.

Q: Can I spray paint a leather jacket?

Yes, you can spray paint a leather jacket. “Spray paint works well on leather jackets. However, since spray paint covers a large area, this option is best for creating a wholly painted appearance”. Or place patterns on the back of the jacket and spray paint on the design to create a message or model.

Q: Can you use latex paint on leather?

Leather paint is usually a fragile and flexible acrylic mixture. Water-based paints absorb better than solvent-based paints and are generally more leather-friendly, so most leather paints are made of acrylic latex binders carried in an aqueous solution.

Q: How do you paint on leather?

Soak part of a primed foam brush and apply a single thin layer to the leather, making long, steady movements. Cover the entire surface, including the seams. Allow the primer to dry for an hour or two. Pour undiluted acrylic paint into a clean paint tank. Learn more By Clicking Here.

Q: How long should I let the paint dry?

The paint takes about 15-30 minutes to dry between coats. Once the job is done, it should take about a day to dry thoroughly. As a painted car, you will not want to drive it directly from the parking lot immediately after painting.


Whether you want to create custom shoes or have to touch the stripes on your sofa, leather paint is a great item that you need to have on hand. We take the time to examine and compare dozens of famous leather paintings carefully. Finally, we limited our research to ten high-end products. Of course, you can always use our complete buying guide to perfect your painting!


I am an Architect Engineer by profession with great interest in web and content creation. I have used leather products for a long time, which has increased my enthusiasm, knowledge, and understanding of leather. I am here to shed light on the leather and guide you on choosing the best leather products.

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