10 Best Product for Waterproofing Leather Boots in 2021

More often than not, your boots or shoes get exposed to really harsh conditions than any other apparel item. While you can never think of dragging your favorite handbag through mud, this is sadly what shoes go through every other day. This is why you ought to waterproof your shoes, which is one of the essential wardrobe hacks.

Your boots do not have to suffer during wet weather. Whether you would like to protect your leather knee-highs, Uggs, or hiking boots, the best products for waterproofing leather boots help assure you that your pair of shoes can withstand snow, rain, or any harsh outdoor conditions that may come your way.

This guide will help you figure you what to look for while in search of the best waterproofing products, why you should waterproof boots, as well as some of the best waterproofing, products this year. Have a good read!

Comparison Table for waterproofing product of Leather Boots

Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain...
KIWI Boot Waterproofer | Water...
Forcefield Unisex-Adult Waterproof...
Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain...
KIWI Boot Waterproofer | Water...
Forcefield Unisex-Adult Waterproof...
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
3,594 Reviews
12,983 Reviews
2,754 Reviews
Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain...
Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain...
Amazon Prime
3,594 Reviews
KIWI Boot Waterproofer | Water...
KIWI Boot Waterproofer | Water...
Amazon Prime
12,983 Reviews
Forcefield Unisex-Adult Waterproof...
Forcefield Unisex-Adult Waterproof...
Amazon Prime
2,754 Reviews

The Best Product for Waterproofing Leather Boots

01. Bickmore Gard–More Water & Stain Repellant

Our number one product, the Bickmore’s Gard-more Water and Stain repellant, is specially formulated to add a more durable protective layer to all your valued boots and thus guarding against water or stains. It also minimizes rubbing off and scuffing.

Bickmore is a small family-owned business that manufactures this product. The business is headquartered in the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, and is renowned for providing equine, top-quality leather, and great hat care products for about four decades now. The company’s primary goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction at all times.

The product also applies smoothly with no discoloration or darkening on any type of material or color. The waterproof spray for boots is free from silicone and thus considered pretty safe for any fabric. Its hard time is super-impressive as it dries fast, unlike other protestants that tell you to let it sit for about 24 hours or so.

It takes about 15 minutes to dry off completely, and when you wipe it, it tends to stay dry. Moreover, Gard-more allows the leather to breathe, flexible as well as looking their best while providing an invisible layer of protection. It also works great with any other materials that you would like to waterproof. Before using it, you should always check for colorfastness on the material you intend to waterproof on a hidden area.

Highlighted Benefits
  • It has a superior waterproof treatment
  • Works on suede, fabrics, felt, leather, nubuck, and more
  • Breathable
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Its vapor is harmful if inhaled
  • Vapor may cause a flash fire

02. Cadillac Select Premium Water Repellant & Stain Protector

If your shoe collection includes non-traditional fabrics, only a few products can compete with Cadillac Select’s versatility. This spray is also considered an awesome fix for much other apparel such as bags. The select protector creates an invisible and breathable protection layer against dirt, stains, UV-rays, and water.

The product is safe for any leather type, including nubuck and suede. Before use, it is recommended to use a Cadillac select cleaner and lotion to prep the leather for the application of the select protector. It is also safe to first test the protector on a hidden area of the leather product before applying it to check for colorfastness.

All Cadillac’s produces are made and tested in the United States, and the company takes pride in elite customer service. Being silicone-free, the product does not either suffocate your material or shorten its lifespan.

Cadillac select is a highly recommended product by most leather bad forums or blogs. It is quite easy to apply, and once dry, water just beads on your boots. Believe it or not, it is the best way to waterproof leather boots as well. It does not discolor your leather, and it dries quite easily. Some customers say that it does have a strong smell when sprayed, but this does not hinder it from working perfectly as it promises.

Highlighted Benefits
  • It creates an invisible layer of protection
  • Silicone free
  • Safe for any type of material
  • Keeps your feet dry
  • Long-lasting
  • It has a very strong smell when sprays

03. Kiwi Boot Water Proofer

Kiwi is a renowned brand not only for shoe shining but also for the best leather dyes and waterproof sprays. The Kiwi waterproof spray for boots is devoted to protecting footwear. In addition to warding off any water that lands on your boot, it also helps protect against any other liquids such as spilled wine.

The product without a doubt extends the lifespan of your leather boots, making sure they stand harsh outdoor weather conditions. The silicone-based waterproof spray is great for all types of footwear, whether leather or fabric. Nonetheless, before treating colored items, it would be good to spot test a small area first. For its price, it is really great because you get enough spray to apply up to two protective coats on about eight pairs of shoes.

The kiwi spray, after allowing it enough drying time, can turn a three-season boat shoe into a four-season standby. With the spray, wetness seeping into your suede shoes would be a story of the past. Your socks and feet would remain as dry as a bone even in the heaviest of rain. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing your feet and shoes are well protected during harsh weather.

The product is typically one of the best stuff to waterproof boots that does not disappoint.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Tough Silicone Protection for all boots
  • Has a unique formula that bonds to fabrics and leather?
  • Creates a tough water barrier
  • Breathable
  • Protects your pride in any weather type
  • Silicone-based
  • Extremely flammable

04. KIWI Camp Heavy Duty Water Repellent

For the highest protection, you can always rely on Kiwi’s camp heavy-duty water repellent. The spray incorporates a durable and strong-bond silicone, which helps keep odors at bay and water out. Manufactured for hiking, snowshoes, camping, and hunting, it is also awesome for protection against heavy rains.

The spray works on all materials, including leather, suede, and fabric. It is especially well-suited for harsh weather conditions. It works like a charm, and typically takes about 24 to 48 hours to dry.

In case you are wondering how to waterproof leather boots for winter with Kiwi camp, it is an easy process. First, ensure that the surface is well cleaned and dry, patch test for any colorfastness and if okay, you can proceed to apply the spray. Make sure you shake the can thoroughly before use, and while holding it about 8 inches away, begin spraying in a light and even coat. About 48 hours later, the boots would be ready to use.

The treated material remains odor-free after drying, and it also allows the leather or fabric to breathe. What better way to protect your leather boots from harsh weather than using the kiwi heavy-duty water repellent? It is tested and proven to stand the tests of time for any heavy-duty boots you may have.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Ideal for tarps, boots, outdoor gear, boat covers, and patio furniture
  • Allows material to breathe while keeping water out
  • The treated material remains odor-free after drying
  • Silicone bonds well with fabric or leather to create tough water resistance
  • It takes relatively long to dry

05. ForceField Protector

The ForceField waterproof protectant and stain-resistant spray give armor-like protection to your boots or any other type of footwear. The invisible barrier it creates works like no other to prevent stains from damaging your high-end fabrics, leather, suede, or even nubuck. Its unique formula also includes UV protection, which ensures your shoes are safe from harmful UV rays.

Forcefield’s elite technology shields your boots from damage and also prevents fading, thus keeping your gear looking new for longer. Moreover, the product does not yellow, white shoes dry really fast and also repels water great! It is of great quality that is second to none.

The product also ensures the breathability of our shoes while providing an invisible water-resistant layer. The sprayer can be used on up to about five pairs of shoes if you are spraying a double coat. Its quick dry time of only about 25 minutes after easy spray application makes it one of the favorite water-resistant sprays for many.

It can last up to 12 months, and this makes it stand out from the best products for waterproofing leather boots. It was designed for sneakers mainly, but it works well with other materials as well, although you would want to be sure about that before using it by testing it on the intended fabric.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Water repellent barrier for dirt and stains on sneakers, outwears, hats, and apparel
  • An invisible coating that prevents UV fading or yellowing
  • Dries quickly
  • Lasts up to 12 months
  • Maintains breathability of shoes
  • It may not be safe to use for leather or vinyl

06. Atsko Sno-Seal

For any pair of shoes, you would wear on the slushies of winter days – or maybe during hiking snowy or muddy rails, you need to break out the beeswax. It is a top choice for everything from ski trips to hiking as it dries as a solid wax. Wax and water do not mix, and thus what better way than to waterproof your boots with a wax-based spray?

Atsko enjoys a very good reputation for its great work when it comes to waterproofing. There is nothing really fancy about his mix. It blends well with traditional ingredients and uses as well as its traditional application that creates a thin surface to last longer. Your feet stay dry and comfy, and leather remains breathable after application.

Snow-Seals’ wax formula works well to make your boots impregnable to wetness. Typically, boots that lack a waterproof lining can never be 100 percent waterproof. However, leather, when treated right with waterproof sprays such as Sno-seal, can get pretty close. The product also keeps you from tiring lifting heavy water-soaked boots by waterproofing them.

While maintaining its name as a top-notch leather boots treatment, Sno-Seal is also popular for being an outstanding product for seams or waxed cotton. This makes it a versatile treatment choice for different outdoor conditions.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Maintains your boots breathability
  • Conditions and lubricates leather without softening
  • Manufactured from bees’ wax – consumer-friendly
  • Maintains flexibility even in freezing temperatures
  • Affordable
  • It may not be suitable for other fabrics

07. Kenetrek Waterproofing

Kenetrek can be used for treatment, and waterproofing Gore-Tex boots or any other boots type you may have. It is manufactured in the USA and is popular for its ability to provide great protection against harsh weather conditions. Like Atsko, it is also made from beeswax, which is water-resistant.

It is one of the best options when it comes to waterproofing, keeping any water off your dry feet or socks. Acing as both a water repellent and water-resistant, there is more reason as to why this brand has remained a favorite for hunters, hikers, and all outdoor enthusiasts.

Its wax formula is odorless as well as harmless as it does not emit any dangerous fumes. As a matter of fact, the wax is manufactured with hunters in mind, ensuring that the wax does not emit any fumes that could scare away big games during hunting.

Packed in 8-ounces tins, this wax is safe to use, and it can always be applied in an enclosed space. It applies quite easily, and it adheres to your boots for longer than most treatments. It is safe to use on any type of boots or footwear, although the leather may darken in color after you apply it. You may need to reapply a leather dye to maintain the original color.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Great waterproofing protection
  • Odorless and non-toxic formula
  • Easy to use, long-lasting
  • Safe and Ideal for any type of boots
  • Leather may darken after application of the wax

08. Natural Waterproofing Leather Cream

One of the top-notch waterproofing products out there, the natural waterproofing cream markets itself as a pH-balanced cream that works on any type of leather. It does not leave any sticky residue and works best when used for handbags, accessories, clothing, car interiors, furniture, saddles, and tack.

Leather cream is easy to use because it does not require any mixing whatsoever. You only have to apply on dry, clean leather with an applicator pad or a soft rag. However, some leather finishes may darken with the application, but they tend to lighten with time.

The product is sold in recyclable aluminum containers, and its main ingredients include beeswax and natural seeds oil. Leather cream deeply conditions, protects, and waterproofs with zero harmful chemical additives.

There are few products that offer an unlimited satisfaction guarantee of up to 100% like leather cream, which is a great assurance of quality for your hard-earned money. The company also guarantees a refund or replacement policy in case it does not work for you.

Sunlight UV rays, dust, heat, and dried mud are more of the things this product can protect you from. This US-made product provides amazing results in also providing the needed oils for your shoes to last longer. Its ability to perform all these functions while still allowing your leather to remain breathable is astonishing.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Deeply waterproofs and conditions
  • Earth and skin-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Assures a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Maintains breathability of the leather
  • Some leather types may darken on application

09. JobSite Premium Mink Oil Waterproof paste

JobSite Premium Mink Oil Leather Waterproof Paste

Jobsite’s waterproof paste is considered ideal for any vinyl products or articles of leather, be it jackets, purses, boots, belts, and more. Its unique formula has proven to be the go-to formula any day for your favorite leather products. The paste is known to repel any salt stains or oil.

There is no unique method for using this paste. You just need to apply it freely and work into the material, mainly around seems and stitches; it dries off in minutes, after which you should wipe off the excess. On the dark side, it is said to darken some of the light or soft leathers, and it is not suitable for Nu-back or suede.

It is usually little or no odor for this mink oi as it does not use any chemicals in its waterproofing formula. Once you use it on your expensive pair of boots, the leather becomes softer, the boots last longer, and they become easy to clean. Once you use it, you would certainly recommend it to any of your friends or relatives.

This is a multi-purpose oil paste that comes packed in one affordable container. It simply delivers on what it promises and does not end up being another disappointment. You should consider it as one of the best waterproofing for hiking boots.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Preserves soften and waterproofs
  • Repels salt stains and oil with its special formula
  • Ideal for both vinyl and leather
  • It may darken soft/light leather
  • Not suitable for nubuck or suede

10. Nikwax Leather & Fabric Proof

Sold in a hundred ml bottle, Nikwax is one of the most recommended waterproofing agents for boots. It creates an outstanding repellent that greatly reduces the chances of water-absorbing into your boots. It works really well without a doubt, and it is also human-friendly.

This product is last on our list but certainly not the least. Most experts advise using it for waterproofing Gore-Tex boots. Whether applied on wet or dry leather, it creates a proper seal, although it does not dry out leather that is wet already. Its formula is obtained from biodegradable and water-based ingredients. It has no negative ingredients, like some of the major treatments there are, but it works just as great.

The product is applicable to any type of leather that includes footwear. It is, however, crucial to mention that it may darken leather quite a bit. For certain people, this may be an issue, while others consider it a boon that makes shoes look better than before.

More reason as to why you need the Nikwax product is because it cleans your footwear, eliminates odor, and, more importantly, aids in the breathability of your footwear. It provides a durable water repellency (DWR) to any fabric, suede, leather, or nubuck. It can be applied even in an enclosed space.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Adds water repellency o leather or synthetic footwear
  • Easy spray-on application
  • Biodegradable
  • Works well on GORE-TEX, boots, shoes, and gloves
  • Maintains breathability of the footwear
  • It darkens soft leather

Benefits of Waterproofing Leather Boots

In case you are in a disaster situation, you get a lot to think about. You are assessing the present situation, reacting to it, and at the same time, grabbing the right wear. There is no one shoe that can serve all disastrous situations, but there are some essential guidelines to prepping your boots for harsh weather conditions.

Here are some benefits of waterproofing your boots:

Keeps your feet dry and warm

This is one of the most common reasons to waterproof your footwear. Wet and cold feet can get really uncomfortable. Also, depending on how long the feet stay wet, you risk exposure to health hazards such as trench foot, which makes your feet become numb, swollen, painful, or discolored. Although trench foot is treatable, prevention in the first place is better and a more comfortable option.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Flood water is dirty. If you walk through large puddles of flood wear, you run a risk of exposing your feet to different contaminants like toxic substances, pesticides, raw sewage chemicals, animal wastes, and more. Exposure to flood water is related to various health risks such as upset stomach, headache, flu symptoms, or even intestinal problems. The best way to minimize such risks is by waterproofing your boots.

Walking through Debris

Contaminants are not the only risks in flooded water. There may exist other debris or hazards hidden below the surface. Even the smallest piece of garbage may lead to an injury. Strong, waterproofed footwear provides protection against such debris.

Resistance to Solvents and Chemicals

In case of heavy rains or floods, water is not the only liquid that you should worry about. Fuels, chemicals, or other solvents that are stored safely may be disrupted by strong winds or floodwaters. A waterproofed pair of boots might not protect your feet from all potential chemical spills, but they do guarantee a high degree of resistance to such chemicals or solvents.

Antistatic and Shock Protection

Downed power lines often result from extreme weather conditions, and this poses a serious threat. In certain circumstances, you may find the need to move around a fallen power line. At this juncture, you would then realize the essence of waterproofed boots. In addition to being waterproof, most rubber safety boots are usually antistatic, and hence they do not conduct electric current.

More advantages of waterproofing include comfort, slip resistance, and traction. Waterproofing is often one of the most important yet not commonly known ways of protecting both you and your boots.

Things to Consider Before Buying product for waterproofing leather boots

Most contractors opt for spray-applied waterproofing as it helps accelerate project schedules. There are newer waterproofing solutions that spray on in coat, and they do not require any reinforcement. In addition to time-saving, there are other factors that aid in the evaluation of the best waterproofing product.


You will want to buy a solution that offers a combination of high tensile strength – the force needed to break a specimen or to cause a complete separation of elements in a linear direction and elongation – the measure of the hardness of a given material or how resistant it would be too permanent indentation. Elongation is particularly vital when waterproofing areas like roofs, since the waterproofing membrane will increase and shrink as temperature variates, and you also require a solution with a great elongation, so it does not crack or tear.

Bonding ability

If you want to bond to a substrate, then you ought to make sure that the spray can bond tightly to the material type you want to waterproof. The bonded material helps keep water away from tracking to the underneath of the membrane.

Curing time

Also, the curing time of various waterproofing liquids varies a lot. Typically, the quicker the curing time, the quicker you are able to get the job done – also, the easier it shields the surface from heavy rain or floods. Some of the spray-applied solutions take only seconds to cure, whereas other hand-applied liquid solutions may take up to 48 hours before they cure, and is not ideal as they become more susceptible to water or rain during that time.

UV stability

With most sheet-applied or liquid-applied products for waterproofing, the membrane may lose some of its physical properties if exposed to sunlight and may make it become brittle and even crack. Some of the sheet-applied systems are able to withstand UV rays’ exposure, although they are usually black in color, making them become heat absorbent and make the roof really hot. This also puts a strain on the membrane responsible for waterproofing and lowers the actual structure’s efficiency. Some solutions are usually UV stable, but they lose their color if exposed to sunlight.

Track record

The liquid membrane protectors have been around and in use for several years. Ensure you check that the manufacturer of the product has a reputable history with a particular type of product and also if they are proficient installers. You could ask them for case studies and even consult with their references.


Although not a major consideration, some people consider the prices of particular waterproofing products. It is crucial to note that it is not always had an expensive product translates o rea quality. At times, it may be vice versa. You only need to confirm the compatibility of the waterproofing product with your leather boots.

Also, consider the anticipated aesthetics, roof activity, as well as what heat attraction you require to protect the membrane from any water penetration.

FAQs on Leather Boots Water Proofing

Q: How can I waterproof my leather boots?

There are recommended ways to go about this process. Typically, the best way to waterproof leather boots is by following the guidelines as stipulated on the waterproofing product you buy. You may opt to follow a YouTube video which such as, which visually shows you how the process is done.

However, the process is almost harmonized for all products. First, ensure that the surface is well cleaned and dry, patch test for any colorfastness and if okay, you can proceed to apply the spray. Make sure you shake the can thoroughly before use, and while holding it about 8 inches away, begin spraying in a light and even coat. About 48 hours later, the boots would be ready to use.

Q: Should you waterproof leather boots?

Yes, of course, you should. The essence of this process cannot be emphasized enough. There are times to get wet, during water sports, summer beach trips, and more, but the rest of the time is no as much. Apart from keeping your feet dry, warm, and healthy, waterproofing prevents your boots from absorbing water and becoming heavier as you walk. This can be really tiring.

You will not only be more comfortable after waterproofing, but you will also stay out longer and be happier. They also protect you from downed electric lines, harmful solvents in water, and any other health hazards transmittable by stagnant water.

Q: Can you use Vaseline on leather boots?

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline softens leather and also prevents it from cracking. It works on leather as well as bags, patent leather shoes, and other items, although it should not be used for rawhide leather.

However, Vaseline is not the best for waterproofing; there are better products such as Kiwi, Cadillac, and more. Vaseline makes your boot appear shiny and does not necessarily protect the leather from water penetration.

Q: Will wd40 waterproof boots?

Waterproofing your boots with a WD-40 coat also works well. It acts as a barrier; thus, water cannot penetrate through the material. You only need to spray the WD-40 like other waterproofing products.

The product is also used for cleaning tough stains on your boots. When you spray the W-40 on the stain, you only need to wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. It works perfectly well. There are more uses for WD-40, and waterproofing is just one of them.

Q: Should you OIL new boots?

When you purchase your new boots, you will always get the temptation to oil them. You should not do it at all. Your foot is the mold, and hence you would want the leather to break into your foot without the need for grease or oil.

Excess oil while braking could result in a sloppy-fitting pair of boots. Rather, you should use only a limited amount of oil if you practice good habits when you purchase new boots, they will always last longer. Great care for your boots ensures they are durable and always good-looking.

Q: Is coconut oil good for leather boots?

When leather starts to feel as if it is starting to dry, you can know they are ready. Also, you should always remember to wash clean leather before you condition it. When you condition with coconut oil, it works best when this oil is in a liquid state. After the oil is thoroughly spread on your boots, consider using a fresh, clean cloth to wipe off the excess oil.

The key to making your leather boots or garments look well maintained is by replenishing natural oils that can repel moisture. In case you do not have flaxseed oil, you can always use coconut oil.

In Conclusion

Just because your pair of favorite boots has started showing some signs of leakage, it does not mean that all is over. Waterproofing could do wonders to aid you to return your favorite pair of boots back to optimum.

The best products for waterproofing leather boots will maintain your feet’ warmth, dryness, and also allow you to be happier when you are out fishing, hunting, or even exploring your home area batch of wetlands. I hope this article has been helpful in educating you on the best waterproofing products, how to choose them as well as the benefits of waterproofing.


I am an Architect Engineer by profession with great interest in web and content creation. I have used leather products for a long time, which has increased my enthusiasm, knowledge, and understanding of leather. I am here to shed light on the leather and guide you on choosing the best leather products.

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