How to Clean Leather Recliner [Easy Tips to Follow]

Leather has a supple feel and rich color that invites a luxury element into any room. It is an easy-care upholstery material, durable, but it does need regular cleaning and triage. While even the best leather recliners or furniture may seem quite elegant and beautiful, they may be hard to maintain. It can be damaged easily if you use improper cleaning techniques.

Whether it is an issue of stains, dirt, or any debris, you do not have to despair as your leather can be looking spick and span in a wink of an eye! All you need is to know is a guideline on how to clean leather recliners. Leather furniture necessitates specific care methods. With the best possible maintenance, and the right products, your leather furniture will always look good and clean.

Rest assured, it is easy to learn how to clean a leather recliner, white leather or any other leather furniture. You only need to get a few supplies that you most likely have at home, and read on this guide! Step by Step Guide

How to Clean Leather Recliner Step by Step Guide

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Getting Ready

First things first, you need to get your supplies ready. If you are curious about what household products can you use to clean leather, these are a vacuum cleaner, small bucket, dove soap, vinegar, and clean cotton or a microfiber cloth. Distilled water is often recommended because tap water may have chlorine or other contaminants that could pose damage to your leather.


Before you set out on cleaning leather couch with dove soap, you ought to first remove any dust or debris from its surface. It is easily done by vacuuming thoroughly with a cleaner fitted with a soft brush attachment. Ensure you vacuum through all parts including in between cushions or at joints of the recliner.

Vacuuming helps ensure you remove any dirt that may potentially damage your recliner. However, you would need to be careful and not press too hard against the leather with the nozzle as leather is easy to mark or scratch. This is a crucial tip if you would like to perfect on how to clean leather sofa DIY.

Also, you may consider using a microfiber or feather duster to lightly dust the recliner’s surface. Make sure you remove all the debris before further cleaning because the debris could scratch the leather. A cotton cloth comes in handy after you are done with vacuuming by removing finer dirt. After you are done, you are now ready to proceed to the next step.

Inspect the Leather

After inspecting the recliner while vacuuming; you most probably understand what parts are more likely to wear. This is crucial because it helps you decide on what parts will need more concentration of your cleaning efforts.

In case you notice any stains while dusting, you might need a solvent such as alcohol for ink stains, dry cloth for grease stains or a paste of tartar with lemon juice for darker stains. In case you notice any newspapers stuck on your recliner’s leather, spray around the newspaper lightly with an aerosol spray and finally wipe it off with a soft cloth.

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Using Diluted Vinegar

To properly clean problematic areas, you could use easy home-made leather cleaner that is still as effective. This is simply vinegar diluted with water. You should mix the duo in a bucket and then dip in a cloth’s corner. Wring out the piece of cloth so that it becomes dump but not wet. Wipe the soiled parts of your leather recliner. Also, make sure you rinse out the cloth after a few strokes to prevent you from spreading any dirt. This is typically how to clean leather upholstery when you are on a budget.

At times, you have to sanitize the leather, probably because a family member is sick or accidentally drops a raw steak on the leather. You should moisten a soft cloth with some alcohol and wipe down the stained leather. You have to be careful not to use too much-rubbing alcohol as it may remove some color from the recliner.

Vinegar is the most preferred homemade leather couch cleaner and you can always add some essential oils to white vinegar which makes it more effective.

Wipe down the Leather

After you are done cleaning leather couch with dove soap, follow up with the dry cloth ensuring you go over all areas that you have treated with the vinegar-water solution. At no point should you allow the leather to become soaking wet while cleaning it. If the leather becomes saturated, it could potentially damage the leather.

The best leather conditioners or cleaners are essential for this process as well to ensure your leather is not left completely dry after the cleanup. Leather has to be replenished from time to time and there are products for this. You should never use baby wipes or any alkaline cleaners on leather as it could damage the finish.

Routine Cleaning

Caring for your leather recliner is not rocket science. The best method is to prevent dirt or stains from forming by conducting a regular clean up. Also, you could opt to go for leather covers that can add a decorative touch while still protecting it from dust or debris. The cover can be removed easily and washed when it becomes dirty. If you would like a video description of the process, click on this YouTube Video


With that said, you are now better informed on how to clean a leather recliner. Nonetheless, you should be extremely cautious with the agents you use as leather could be damaged by some of these cleaners. If you have doubts about the right way to go about cleaning your leather it is advisable to contact a professional.

The tips on this guide are proven and the easiest to perform to ensure your leather is well maintained. Leather is a lifetime investment and you may have to spend some cash to safeguard your investment. You could also try finding some cleaning specialists from your yellow pages. If you could prevent your leather from catching dirt rather than cleaning it, the longer your leather would last.


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