How To Clean Leather Wallets, Bags and Purses

You bought that desired leather wallet that you wanted, you use it a few days and suddenly you find yourself with the surprise that it has a stain and you do not know how to clean it.

The first thing that comes to your mind is to take it to the laundry to be removed, but here we leave some tips for you to do it yourself from the comfort of your home.

1. Do not rub the stain with water

The first mistake you should avoid is rubbing the stain on your leather wallet with water. This can make it worse, since you spread it more. What you should do is place a dry paper towel over it and wait for it to absorb the dirt.

2. Use organic soap and distilled water

Organic, non-scented soaps, mixed with distilled water and a clean towel will help remove the soft stains from your leather wallet. Do not rub too hard on the stain, that way you will avoid spoiling the skin.

How To Clean Leather Wallets

3. Uses conditioner and leather cleaner

With these implements you will remove the light stains and the strong ones to your portfolio. Make sure you buy a cleaner that is a good brand and that is suitable for the leather of your accessory. The conditioner will add the moisture it lost to being cleaned and will keep it as good as new.

4. Use talc

Talc absorbs moisture. For fresh stains in soft leather (leather or chamois that is easy to tear) this product works well.

5. Baby wipes

Baby wipes are good for general cleaning of leather products. This product cleans the surface quickly and as they are soft they do not damage the skin.

Women love to buy purses and leather bags. However, do you know how to clean them properly? In this article you will see a few tips to clean leather wallets easily. Your wallets will look new for longer.

Tips for cleaning leather purses

To clean hooks and metal parts from a wallet, take a dry cloth or flannel and go with a specific product to clean metals. In the case that the bag has various ornaments, such as glitter or sequins, use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt accurately, always with the precaution of not damaging the design.

If you have left and the rain has played a trick on you, leave your wallet in an aired place to dry properly. However, in those days where possible precipitations are announced, avoid leaving with leather wallets, since the acidity of the water can generate stains with the passage of time.

How to Clean Dirty Leather Hand Bag at Home

Learning to clean wallets and leather bags

If a drink or additive has fallen into your wallet, such as mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup, do not despair! You just have to take a neutral soap and scrub it through the stain with the help of a soft bristle brush, and finally, wipe it with a cloth moistened with water to remove the soap. Then, with a dry cloth, polish the purse or purse so that it is shiny.

If you know of any other advice to clean leather purses and want to share it with us, do not hesitate to write it in the comments section.

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