How to Clean White Leather Products – Home Remedies

The white leather has the problem of getting dirty very quickly, if it is a piece of clothing that we use a lot, it is easy for it to trap the dust, making it look dirty and dreary. Cleaning white leather product like handbags, sofa and others is a difficult task, but it does not have to be impossible.

We have many products on the market to clean white leather and also some home remedies to facilitate cleaning. On this page we will explain how to clean a piece of white leather, very easily and with very good results, it serves to remove any stain, even the ink.

How to Clean White Leather

You Will Need:

- A soft cloth.

- Hair spray.

- Flaxseed oil .

- Vinegar.

- Mr. Clean Magic Eraser .

- Soap to clean saddles .



  1. Mix a couple of drops of liquid soap with warm water. Take a soft cloth and immerse it in the warm soapy water. Drain the excess water that has remained on the cloth and gently rub the skin, to remove any accumulated dirt. This trick works very well for leather garments that are dirty with dust.
  1. Spray a small amount of hairspray on the white fur garment. Then wipe it with a dry cloth, which is very soft. Take special care not to saturate the garment with the lacquer. This trick works very well.
  1. Mix two parts of linseed oil, with a part of vinegar, and with a soft cloth spread the preparation on the surface of the white leather garment. Then use another cloth or paper towel to absorb the excess oil that has remained in the garment. Repeat the operation as necessary. Once the cloth or paper has absorbed the product, you can see how white your garment has been.
  1. For cleaning shoes, bags, white leather luggage, and other accessories, it is very useful to use the product Don clean magic eraser. With this product, you will quickly eliminate scratches, ink marks and the accumulation of dirt on the leather. White.
  1. Buy some soap to clean saddles. This product can be found in equestrian stores or specialized stores. Soap for cleaning saddles is used to soften and protect white leather items.
  1. Take the leather garment to a dry cleaner, for professional staff to clean the garment. Normally these sites have special products that are not available in stores for the average consumer.

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