How to Recondition Leather

Would you like to know how to recondition leather? This article will outline everything for you so that you can get started. To start with, leather has been a valued commodity since the earliest days of man. This is because is more durable and more comfortable, especially when it is used to make furniture. Besides this, leather makes your home look more stylish and prestigious. This has made most homeowners invest more in leather furniture out there. Apart from furniture, it is used to make shoes, handbags, wallets, and many more.

However, for the leather to remain in pristine condition, it needs to be reconditioned every now and then. This is because it is prone to surface scratches from your pets and kid and can get torn. Other times, it might get stains from soup and other liquids. By reconditioning the leather, you will make it look more attractive and even increase its lifespan.

How to recondition the leather Step by step guide

As mentioned above, leather is a durable material that is used in making furniture and other accessories. From leather couch to leather handbag, there are many items that can be made using leather. Over time, normal wear and tear usually occur due to one reason or another. Your leather might crack or even get discolored in the long run. To avert this, you can consider choosing the best quality repair kit to tackle the cracked parts of your leather.

It is important to note that this process basically involves cleaning the leather and after that applying a filler and finally a colorant to it. Once you are done, you can then treat it with a leather conditioner. All these measures are some of the ways on how to recondition leather.

Leather conditioning is basically a routine process that helps restore moisture to your leather to make it last longer. Your leather will not only last long but also look more attractive for longer. Whether you got a leather couch or a leather car seat, here steps on how to recondition your leather:

How to recondition leather

1. Remove straps or accessories

If your leather item of choice has ant fasteners or straps, you should remove them first so that you can have an easy time reconditioning it. In fact, you will be able to condition both the crannies and nooks of the leather.

2. Clean the leather

Once you have removed the straps and other leather item accessories, you can now clean it. Here, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the entire surface of the leather. The main aim here is to remove any dirt or grime that might have built-up on the leather surface.

After that, you can then apply a dime-sides amount of leather cleaner such as saddle soap to the cloth and then apply it to the leather surface. You should apply this cleaner on the leather surface in a circular motion. By doing this, the leather will absorb it more effectively.

3. Let the leather to dry overnight

Before any condition starts, you should allow your leather t dry for at least 12 hours. Ensure that you keep it in a dry place so that it does not get moist at night.

4. Wipe any reside present on the leather

Once the leather has rested, time is ripe for you to remove any excess cleaning residue using a dry cloth.

5. Test your leather conditioner on the leather item

Be it your leather couch or handbag, you should apply a small amount of leather conditioner on it and allow it to remain there for about one hour. This will help you determine if you choose the correct leather conditioner for furniture or not.

In most cases, the leather will look darker after applying the leather conditioner on it. All this happens thanks to the moisturizing process. However, if you note that the spot is darker than usual, chances are that the leather condition you choose is not the right one. In this case, you should try another leather conditioner.

For optimal results, you should consider choosing leather refinish color restorer aid and conditioner. It is normally safe to use and is designed for refinishing and restoring leather and its color all by yourself. It is versatile as you can use it on many items such as shoes, jackets, furniture, and many more.

6. Condition the leather

Apply a dime-size amount of leather refinish color restorer aid and conditioner to a soft piece of cloth and begin to rub the surface of the leather in a circular motion. Ideally, you should ensure that you cover the entire surface of the leather so that your leather conditioner is evenly distributed.

7. Let the leather rest

Once you have applied the leather refinish color restorer aid and conditioner, let it dry for the second time. Ideally, you should ensure that it dries at night.

8. Wipe any residue you find on the surface

Chances are that there will be some conditioning residue on the leather surface in the morning. It is essential that you wipe the residue away. By now, your leather will look smooth and more attractive.

Pros and cons of reconditioning leather

Reconditioning your leather comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros of reconditioning leather:

1. Helps to maintain the elasticity of the leather

By proper reconditioning the leather, you can be sure that you will maintain its elasticity. This will go a long way in ensuring that your leather does not wear out easily, thereby remaining in optimal condition for longer.

 2. Helps your leather to last longer

Would you like your leather to last longer? One of those things you should consider is to clean and condition it from time to time. By doing this, you will elongate its life span. This is because it is not likely to dry out any time soon.

3. Helps you save more money

Instead of replacing the entire leather item, such as the leather couch or leather hand bag, you can recondition it and thereby make it serve you for many years. This has actually worked well for many people out there.

4. Makes your leather attractive

When your leather item was new, chances are that it looked stylish and more appealing. However, over time, it might start looking dull and unattractive. To avert this, you should recondition. This way, you will restore its pristine state and breathe some life to it.


1. It might be time-consuming

The above mention process can be time-consuming. You have to allow the leather to rest for several hours before you can actually use it. Also, you need to use the right leather conditioner as the wrong choice of a conditioner can be detrimental to your leather.


How do you recondition leather naturally?

To recondition leather naturally, you should consider using a natural leather cleaner such as coconut oil. Using a clean and dry cloth, rub the coconut oil into the leather in a circular motion. Allow it to penetrate for about 10 minutes, and then buff out the excess oil with another piece of cloth.

What is the best leather restorer?

If you are looking for the best leather restorer, you should consider choosing FORTIVO Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit. It is available on Amazon and is the best overall restorer.

How do you revive dull leather?

To revive dull leather, you just need to first clean it with a quality leather cleaner. Thereafter, apply your preferred leather conditioner. Here, you should massage a small amount of leather conditioner to the leather item and apply it evenly. Thereafter, buff away any excess residue, and this will make your dull leather bright.

Is Vaseline good for leather?

Yes. Vaseline makes leather soften, thereby preventing it from cracking. In fact, Vaseline works well on all leather materials, from shoes to handbags. However, you should avoid using it on rawhide leather. When applying Vaseline on the leather, you should consider using a clean and soft cloth.

How do you make old leather look new?

If you want to make your old leather look new again, you should consider using a leather conditioner on it. Ideally, you should condition it once in a while. You can be sure that your leather will look new even if you have used it for ages.

Can you use wd40 on leather?

Yes. You can go ahead and use WD-40 to condition your leather the way you please. All you need to do is to spray and buff it. The good news is that the solution usually works wonders when it comes to cleaning and protecting your leather.

Final word

If you are looking for a way to breathe life into your leather investment, you should not hesitate to recondition it. This has worked well for many people. Your leather will last longer and will look more appealing. Also, this helps you save costs as you will not have to replace your leather investment over time. Consider the ideas mentioned above on how to recondition leather, and you will not regret. These ideas are truly incredible.


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