Best Leather Scent Air Freshener For Car Reviews 2021

Do you spend a lot of time in your car? With all the driving around dropping or picking up kids from school, going to work as well as running errands, it sure does feel so. But hey! No matter how much time you spend in your car, I know there is one thing you crave, a nice pleasant smell. But is that possible with all the groceries and gym bags as well as kids snacking on the back seat of the car? I doubt it except if you are equipped with the best leather air freshener out there.

However, before we look at the different types of air fresheners, let us go down on memory lane and find out who invented car fresheners as most people call it.  The first car freshener was known as Little Trees was developed in 1952 by a Canadian chemist known as Julius Samann. Keep in mind, the air freshener became a sensation that up to now it is still being sold with the same original design.

So, with no further ado, here are the 7 best leather air fresheners in the market today.

The Best Leather Air Freshener

01. Chemical Guys AIR 300- 04 and Leather Scent Combo Pack

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If you are looking for the best leather scent for cars, then you won’t go wrong with Chemical Guy AIR 300-04 and Leather scent Combo Pack. One of the leading worldwide providers of the air fresheners, Chemical Guys will not disappoint you with their leather scent products. More than just an air freshener, the product is made with active odor elimination enzymes.  This not only eliminates odor but also reduces recurring odor.

Sold in a convenient kit, both the Leather Scent spray and New Car Smell spray ensures the inside of your car has a new scent of leather. Being water-based fragrances, it is safe to use since you only need to dilute with water using the ration of 2:1 which means pour 2/3 of distilled water to 1/3 of the chemicals. This will reduce the strong scent and definitely bring out the real scent. Note that, you can also use the leather scent combo pack at any room in your home, office or any other shared space.


  • Long-lasting
  • Offers amazing leather scent
  • Neutralizes odors
  • It’s not expensive
  • Easy to use


  • The scent is a bit strong
  • Needs to be reapplied after a few days

 02. Griot’s Garage 11150 Leather Scent (4oz)

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A popular international brand of car products, detailing supplies and garage accessories, Griot’s Garage has been around since 1991.  Offering a wide selection of products, their air freshener makes your car interior smell as you have just bought a new car. For example, Griot’s Garage 11150 Leather Scent is a great air freshener to use. Weighing 4 ounces, it offers a pleasant leather scent that will leave you wanting more.

Silver in color this leather scent only requires you to spray under the seats of your car. However, you can spray on a small sponge and place it under the seat near the air vent to enable the amazing smell to flow throughout the cabin. But that’s not all though, it also comes in handy when vacuuming the car, just spray a little in the vacuum before you turn it on.

Known to last for a week, you not only experience a nice aroma while driving around but it also covers up the foul smell that has accumulated throughout the week.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Produces a pleasant smell
  • Has a convenient squirt bottle


  • Expensive compared to other sprays like air fresheners
  • The smell is not long-lasting

03. The Wonder Wafer New Leather Fresheners

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The Wonder Wafer New Leather Freshener is another great car air freshener that releases scent in intervals. Creatively wrapped to maintain its freshness, you only need to remove the plastic seal and place one under the car seat. Afterward, just wait for a clean and fresh smell that rapidly increases over time.

Bought in a pack of 25 pieces, you have a chance to use the pack for one or two months depending on your usage. This way you will get to save some money while still enjoying some fresh air. Don’t forget, you can also use this amazing air freshener at your home especially the bathrooms, drawers, closets, garage as well as the office. Most noteworthy, don’t place the wafer on dashboards, seats, floor mars, visible carpet area, wooden surfaces as well as furniture and consoles. Therefore, no matter how new or old your car is, just be assured the Wonder Wafer Freshener has you covered.


  • The fresheners are evenly scented
  • Some people think it’s better than the spray air fresheners
  • Simple and easy to use
  • It is Cost-effective when bought in the 25 pack


  • Some people say it has a strong chemical smell
  • The smell is not long-lasting compared to other fresheners

04. Lane’s Leather Car Scent-16 oz

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Considered one of the best car air fresheners in the market today, Lane’s leather car scent does not disappoint.  Packed as a water-based formula, the bottle has a trigger sprayer that works instantly upon use. Mostly used by professional detailers and dealers worldwide, this product comes highly recommended due to its pleasant leather fragrance that eliminates offensive odors.

So how is it used you may ask? All you need to do is apply or mix it with water-based shampoos and upholstery cleaners and you are ready to spray your car. Make sure you spray the gently on the carpets, under the dash and seats as well as inside the vents. Remember, you can also use air freshener in the interior of trucks, SUVs, limos, RV, and boats. That’s not all though, you should ensure you clean the car’s interior such as carpets, seats, dashboard, doors, and control panels before spraying this air freshener. This is meant to allow the scent to linger longer thus serving its main purpose, making your car smell good and fresh.


  • Has a pleasant leather fragrance
  • Known to keep  the car’s interior smelling new and fresh
  • Can be mixed with water-based shampoos and upholstery cleaners
  • Easily eliminates offensive odors


  • Unfortunately not sold in many stores.

05. Yankee Candle Leather Air Freshener

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Yankee Candle Leather Air Freshener is a long-lasting premium fragrance as well as an odor-neutralizing freshener. Great to use when on road trips or just making errands at home, the air freshener is easy to use since you only need to hang it up the view mirror. Known to have a stunning design, the Yankee manufacturers have ensured that car owners will experience different scents with one of them being a new car scent as well as leather scent.

The leather scent travels simply from the front of the car’s cabin through the back seat making the whole car smell great. This means, just like spray-liked air fresheners, the scent from the candle is able to pass through the ventilation system. Other than that, it also neutralizes odor quickly, therefore, leaving your car smelling great.

Note that, you might enjoy up to 4 weeks of fresh fragrance when you use Yankee candle leather air freshener. However, it’s not only your car that can benefit from this wonderful scent; you can also hang the candle at your gym locker or leave it in a cup holder at your home or office.


  • Nice design.
  • The pleasant scent of a new car
  • The Leather scent lasts longer
  • Easy to set up


  • Expensive according to some people
  • Controversial customer feedback.

06. LITTLE TREES Car Air Leather Freshener  12 Pack

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Whoa, look at this, haven’t we talked a bit about the Little Tree Car Air Freshener on the introduction section. Well, here we go, although it’s not on top of the list for the best squash air freshener, Little TREES Car Air Freshener products have been around since the beginning. Standing the test of time, these little trees have been there for 68 years and still counting.

Although the little Trees are not a high-tech product like most modern air fresheners since they don’t discharge negative ions or absorb moisture, they still release a nice smell. Sold in different packs, the 12 pack comes with different colors and scents such as leather, coconut, new car scent, morning fresh among others.

Known all over the world, these fragrances are popular because they are easy to use and make the inside of your car smell amazing. That’s not all though, the scents provide a relaxing and comforting atmosphere thus enabling you to drive with ease. Don’t forget, you only need to use one Little Tree at a time and once the scent starts to fade you just toss it away and hang a new one.


      • The Smell Good
      • Simple and easy to use
      • Lasts a Long Time


      • Some people consider the design to be too simple

07. Chemical Guys AIR 102-16 Leather Scent

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There is nothing quite relaxing than opening your car door and enjoying the scent of freshly tanned fine leather, Chemical Guys AIR 102-16 Leather Scent will do the trick. Serving two purposes in one, the leather scent works as a premium air freshener as well as an odor eliminator. This simply means you get the new car scent of leather inside your car and also, get rid of any lingering odor.

Simple to use, the Chemical Guys AIR was among the best air freshener 2019 and it still tops the 2020 lists of the best leather air fresheners. A great alternative to sweet, perfume and floral like scents, this freshener makes your car whether it has a leather interior or not smell wonderful.

Simple to use, all you need is spritz the air freshener under the car seats rather than on the seats. Aside from preventing the overpowering scent on your clothes, this move also prevents any allergic reaction. In addition, you can also spritz some to the footwells of the car to fill the car and your leather shoes if you are wearing any with the scent of brand new leather.


      • Nice Leather Scent
      • Neutralizes Odors
      • It’s cost-effective
      • Easy to use


      • Must be reapplied regularly
      • The scent is a bit strong

How to Pick the Best Leather Air Freshener/ Scent for your Car

best leather scent for cars

Check the Quality of the Air Freshener

Just like you check the quality of any item you purchase, the quality of the freshener should matter when picking the best leather air freshener. There are different types of air fresheners sold online or at the supermarkets. However, how many are of the highest quality that not only serves your car but also other accessories.


Everyone has a personal preference and you need to know what kind of scent you want in your car. There are many varieties out there to serve both women and men. Some are either light while some smell strong for your liking.  Therefore, ensure you know which freshener makes you happy.

Look for the Different Types of Leather Air Freshener

Just as mentioned above, there are many types of leather, air fresheners to fulfill your needs. All you need is to find the best type for your car.

Cost of the Air Freshener

Checking the cost of air fresheners will help you know how to pick the best leather air freshener. Remember that you should not just go for an air freshener just because it’s cheap or expensive; first, find out more about the different brands offered. Keep in mind, not all air fresheners that are expensive are good for your car but that should not mean you should go cheap fresheners either. Make sure the air freshener is ideal for you and everyone riding in your car.

Check Reviews

Other than finding it hard to choose between two leather air fresheners, reviews are also a great way to know which freshener is the best. Firsthand experiences from people who have used the leather air fresheners make it easier for anyone to know the best freshener to pick when shopping. Therefore, take advantage of the numerous reviews left by different buyers and I assure you that you will definitely pick the best leather air freshener.

How to Use Leather Air Freshener / Scent

There are different ways to use leather air fresheners and it all depends on the design of the air freshener as well as the guidelines of the manufacturer. Here are several ways on how to use leather fresheners.

Spray Air Fresheners

One of the easiest air fresheners, you are only required to spray these kinds of fresheners in the interior of the car. These places usually are under the seat, mats, and footwells among other places. Alternatively, if you want to use it on top of the seats check out this video on how to properly do it.

Paper Air Freshener

Paper Air Freshener is another easy to use air freshener that all is required of you is to unpack about 1 cm of the product place it under your seat. Note that, you can use it for some days or a week.

Hanging Car Air Fresheners

One of the simple hanging car air fresheners is the Little Trees Fresheners that simply require hanging and leaving nature to take its course. However, you can also get hanging fresheners that have a mechanical control which either has a turning control or is battery-powered.

Clip-on Diffusers

These are air fresheners that are usually clipped to the vents to enable them to release their sweet fragrances. Keep in mind, the rate of diffusion depends on the intensity of your ventilation control system. Therefore, if the vents are working at a high speed, the more the freshener will release more scents.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Leather Air Freshener/ Leather Scent for Your Car

best leather scent air freshener

The Advantages

The Fresheners Help Neutralize Unpleasant Odors

The most important reason people use fresheners is simply making the car smell good. We all love the smell of new cars but as time goes by it fades leaving the car to smell all kinds of stuff. Therefore one of the advantages of fresheners is to neutralize unpleasant odors.

It’s convenient

It’s not possible to give your car a thorough wash every day of the week. Therefore, it’s much more convenient to buy an air freshener that smells great. You can either spray all over the car or hang one.

The Freshener Can Lift Up Your Mood

Driving can be sometimes frustrating especially when you are stuck in a jam or someone suddenly cuts you off. However, air fresheners are said to reduce any stress you might experience while on the road.

You are Able to Choose Your Favorite Scent

Do you prefer vanilla, ocean breeze or even tropical fruit? That’s right, there are a dozen air fresheners out there to choose from. All you have to do is take your pick and enjoy the pleasant aroma the air freshener releases.

It can Leave a long Lasting Fragrance

A great air freshener is meant to last for weeks or even months. Also, the good news is that some are easily refillable or you can replace the cartridge to be able to keep your preferred scent lasting for longer.


A Temporary Solution

 Although most air fresheners can serve you for months, it’s not a permanent solution to any unpleasant smell. Pretty soon the smell will start lingering and you will be forced to deal with it permanently.

Its Attracts Dust

It’s unfortunate that most fresheners especially the gel-type is known to trap free-floating dust as well as other allergens. Note that, this happens if you use the fresheners for an extended time which sadly may affect you or anyone who has severe allergies or any respiratory problems.

It is Expensive

Although it might not seem like you are spending much on air fresheners, if you add up all the purchases you compiled, you might think twice.  Think about it, if you have a persistent odor and don’t deal with it, you will be forced to keep buying more and more air freshener to keep the smell at bay.

Can conceal other important Clues You Need to Be Aware Of

Since the air fresheners are meant to keep the car smelling good and also giving an impression of it being clean, it might hinder you from noticing when something is wrong with the car. Sadly, the smell may prevent you from smelling fuel leakage in the engine bay or the exhaust fumes aren’t functioning properly.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Make My Car Smell Like Leather?

Getting back that leather smell in your car is achievable and here are some ways to do it:

Use Leather Air Scent Freshener

Leather air scent contains enzymes meant to eliminate odors and foul smells. Therefore, the leather air scent freshener will bring out the purest scent with each and every spray.

Apply Leather Conditioner

Another simple way to make your car smell like leather is by applying a leather conditioner. The conditioner is not only great at conditioning the leather but also makes your Leather Soft and clean which brings back the fresh new leather smell.  Note that, if you don’t know how to condition leather, there are so many articles out there to help you out.

 How Do You Keep Leather From Smelling?

Observe Clean Habits

One of the easiest ways to make your car smell like leather is by observing basic cleaning habits. Aside from cleaning it regularly, you should avoid smoking in the car no matter how you leave windows open, the smell still lingers on the seats and other areas. Secondly, make sure you don’t eat or drink in the car. However, if you have to, throw away the trash immediately you reach and wipe any spill right away to avoid not only bad odor but stains.

Use Baking Powder

Baking powder is another great way to make your car smell like leather. Sprinkle some baking powder on the leather car seats, mats, carpet, and floor and leave it for some hours, then vacuum the car. Alternatively, you can put the baking powder on a small container and a few drops of essential oil and leave it for the night.

How Do You Remove Musty Smell From Leather?

There is a simple way of removing musty smell from leather. First and foremost, mix one part of vinegar with some water in a spray bottle. Then spray the solution onto the leather seats and let them dry for some minutes. Afterward, wipe off the solution and repeat the process until the leather smells good.

Where Do You Put Wonder Wafers?

Ideal for all uses, you can put wonder wafers in cars, closets, drawers, bathrooms and even in the garage. Known to provide a clean and fresh smell in your car’s interior, it is advisable to put the wonder wafer under your auto seat. Therefore avoid putting them on dashboards or on the seats to avoid causing any damage. All you have to do is remove the wonder wafer from the plastic seal and place one under the car seat and voila sweet long-lasting smell.

Why Does My Leather Bag Smell?

There are several reasons why leather bags can smell bad. One of the reasons is if they are not stored properly they become vulnerable to moldy smell. This can happen if you wash your leather bag or it gets rained on and doesn’t dry properly. Note that, other factors that contribute to your leather bag smelling bad are if you leave it on damp areas such as the bathroom or an untouched cupboard.


As you can see from our top list of the 7 best leather air fresheners, there is no need for you to drive your car with any unpleasant smell.  Depending on your preference, you can go for the spray air fresheners, clip-on, hanging or even plastic air fresheners. Just don’t forget to consider not only your family and friend’s allergic reactions but also your pets too.

Remember, if you are always on the move, your car will be like your second home and it’s important you ensure it smells nice all the time. So, are you ready to purchase any of the above leather air fresheners?  Let us know which one you feel best suits you.

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