Types Of Leather That You Should Know


The leather comes from a layer of fabric that covers the animals. The skin layer is separated from the body of the animal, eliminating in the process the hair or wool and subjecting it to a tanning process. It has properties of resistance and flexibility very appropriate for its subsequent handling.

There are several types of leather. Leather can be classified according to its origin or according to the treatment that has been used after tanning.

Types of leathers according to their treatment

Cooked leather

The cooked leather is a technique used to maintain and reinforce the hardness of the material. With this objective, it is immersed in water, grease or wax at high temperatures. It is through this process that the natural elasticity of the leather is eliminated and, in the absence of elastin, it becomes more resistant. At the moment when it is still hot, the leather can be molded to obtain the desired piece. Later, after hardening, it maintains this form with a certain flexibility.

Types Of Leather

Oiled leather

This type of treatment is carried out with the aim of obtaining some impermeability in the leather. It is greased with natural products on one or both sides. This allows a better durability over time. 

Dyed leather

This type of leather after the corresponding tanning process is dyed with different synthetic or natural dyes to achieve the desired shade. Depending on that the colors obtained will be diffuse or uniform.

Patent leather

This leather has a special treatment combined with a plastic varnish that gives it the uniform color and permanent shine that characterizes it.

Types of leather according to their origin

Bovine leathers

This type of leather has its origin in cows. The parts of the animal leather used for the industry are chosen according to their thickness. Depending on this, thick or thinner leathers are obtained that are used for different uses.

Goat leather

This type of leather comes from the goat and is much desired for the durability and delicacy that can be given to the finishes or finishes. Generally, articles made with this material are expensive.

Equine Hides

As its name indicates, the procedure of this material is that of horses. The leather obtained is almost equal in quality to that obtained from cows.


The leather of this type originates from sheep. Although the main use of sheep farming is destined for the commercialization of meat and wool, the trade of its leather is currently increasing due to the high quality that it possesses.

Pig leather: This type of leather comes from pigs. The resistance and malleability of the leather obtained after the tanning process is good and long lasting.

Otter Leather

This is one of the most complicated leathers to achieve, given that the reproduction of these small animals is slow and their high house almost became extinct. It is highly valued in the fashion industry.

Patent leather

Leather covered with a layer of polyurethane varnish, giving it a characteristic shine. In this way, the leather becomes a little more waterproof and resistant.


It gives rise to two types of leather, a thin one similar to that of goat’s chest and a thicker one from the hindquarters.


It is a porous skin difficult to work but, it gives rise to a very resistant leather.

Otters:  It is a two-layer skin, the layer that contains the hair is of lower quality and is sold to protect against the weather and cold. The other layer is thinner and is used to make clothes and shoes.


It comes from animals raised for this purpose, care is taken that they do not stain with their own urine to ensure a high-quality leather

Reptile skins

They are obtained from specialized farms, it is very expensive because its conservation and transport before tanning are very complicated.

Deer, deer, reindeer, and others:  It is a leather used for shoes and purses for its softness.


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