Tips For Caring For a Leather Bag

We know you love your leather bag. You would wear it at all hours since it is your most precious acquisition. The leather bags have a great advantage over the rest, and it is the resistance they have thanks to the quality of the raw material. But as in everything, we must know how to take care of them so that they last us much more impeccable time like the first day.

So far so good. The question is whether you know exactly how you should take care of it? Therefore, today we want to give you some very useful tips to keep your leather bags for a long time. And what we want is to keep it in perfect condition as long as possible. With these tips, you will always be perfect.

Tips For Caring For a Leather Bag

Tips for caring for a leather bag

The correct way to keep it inside your home or the type of cleaning for your leather bag is important because it will influence your appearance. To keep it in an optimal state for as long as possible, following these 10 tips you will look like the first day.

  • 1Each day, after using it, store it in the closet and protect it with a white cotton cloth sleeve.
  • 2Always wrap it in a case when you go to store it. Quality bags are usually accompanied by one when you buy them, but if not, make one yourself with white cotton fabric.
  • 3For the daily cleaning of your bag, do not use any product. Use a dry, white cotton cloth and wipe the surface carefully.
  • 4If you are going to keep it for a long time, it is best to fill the inside with newspaper, magazine or onion so that it does not deform.
  • 5 does not stack them on top of each other. Ordinate them so that they retain their original shape, without bending them.
  • 6If it rains – or some inconsiderate drop a liquid on it – you just have to dry it with a white cotton cloth. Do not even think about using the dryer!
  • 7For the daily cleaning of your bag, do not use any product. Use a dry, white cotton cloth and wipe the surface carefully.
  • 8If the bag has lost its softness and you want to recover it, use a specific product that does not contain silicones, oil or derivatives.
  • 9Never touch the bag with dirty hands or with excess cream. Clean your hands of oils and fats that can damage it.
  • 10The zippers try to keep them in use and occasionally smear natural wax on the teeth of the zipper to maintain its fluidity.
  • 11To many, it happens to us that we usually have everything in the bag, but it is not advisable to load it with weight, for that reason, it avoids to take it very loaded so that the handles do not crack and end up breaking.
  • 12Do you carry the cosmetics in your bag? Put them in a vanity case, as this will prevent them from opening accidentally and damaging the interior.
  • 13Never leave it exposed to sunlight, as you will suffer the risk of the color disappearing. Store it protected from light and moisture in a dry place.

If you follow these 10 tips you will get to look like the first day that skin bag that you like so much. Next, we show you a very funny look with a leather bag. We hope you like it!


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