Tips For Choosing The Right Leather Snow Shoe

It is likely that you have spent some time wanting to enjoy a few days with your family away from the big capital near a ski resort, but you know that for this you need to have the essential material for cold conditions, so you’re wondering what clothes and suitable snowshoes choose.

If you are reading this post then you are in luck, because we want you and yours to enjoy those vacations that you have been waiting for so long with privileged conditions, and if you want to know what snowshoes to wear … read on.

You have to know that at the time of your children playing in the snow, either making dolls with it or simply playing in areas where their presence abounds, it is necessary that they have an optimal snowshoe for those conditions.

Having good and correct snowshoes will make you and your family can keep your feet warm and dry, away from the cold and humidity that can make you take … An unnecessary cold!

Also, apart from the theme of health is also the comfort and the adaptation to the environment by the risk issues involved, therefore to have the greatest possible comfort to avoid sliding on the ice and suffer an accident is necessary to choose well good snow boots.

Characteristics you have to have a suitable snowshoe

Here we are going to discover the characteristics that snowshoes have to have, yes or yes, so it is necessary that you do not miss a detail of what we are going to expose you:

– The material it is made of: It is necessary that you do not wear shoes that are made of cloth, since the snow filters in the form of water through them. Surely you do not want your family to spend the day with wet feet. We have already talked about colds.

That’s why we recommend that you wear some boots made of leather, or if not, at least with synthetic leather.

– Wear shoes with ‘studs’: Apart from the material theme, we insist you wear shoes with studs to have perfect traction in snow-filled terrain where there may be a lot of danger from the ice.

To prevent you from slipping, it is necessary that the snowshoes have cleats to increase traction. In the same way, we inform you that low soles are the best option for it.

This last point is important so that your feet are stable on the ground, and in this way, you can maintain the perfect balance in the slippery areas.

– Boots: Although it is possible to use sports leather shoes in the least demanding snow if you plan to play or take walks through deeper snow, the use of boots is more relevant.

Also, wearing boots such as snowshoes will make your ankles much more protected a few centimeters higher.

– Wear snowshoes that have laces: The boots have to be equipped with some type of fasteners, such as laces or some that have straps.

If fasteners that work under pressure better not to use them, we do not recommend them because they will come out easily. With these extras, you will be more secure.

– Buy boots with good insulation: Do not even think about wearing rain boots. Yes, they are very beautiful, but even if your feet are dry, the heat will not be kept inside them.

Here we want to explain to you the best, so we invite you to wear boots with some wool or similar insulation. Your feet will stay warm!

At this point, we hope you have been more than informed of what is the snowshoe that more and better will protect you from the cold and humidity.

If you would like to have a good time in the Pyrenees, in this magical place that we have recommended, you can visit our website, where you have the best accommodation offer. In it, we will advise you as you deserve and … Choose the right snowshoe!


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