5 Tips To Care For Your Leather Wallet

Just as we tend to pay close attention to our physical appearance, our look or our clothes, we usually do not pay the same attention to accessories or items that we use on a daily basis and that deserve the same care. We have all had that leather wallet that when we wanted to remedy its deterioration was too late.

How to Care your leather wallets

In this line, today from Leatherious we want to advise you on how you can take care of your leather wallets in an easy, simple and fast way. We are convinced that with this care you will have a leather wallet in perfect condition for many years.

How To Care Your Leather Wallets

  1. The day to day

It is very common to keep things in the wallet that when we discovered them after months or even years we thought “what will this do here?” If it is not necessary, avoid forcing the leather wallet is a good practice, because although it is a unique material, in the long run, it can end up becoming deformed. We also have to guard ourselves against holding or picking up our wallet when we have our hands with an oily element. We can leave marks difficult to remove.

  1. Frequency of cleaning

We will always find subtle differences in this first aspect, which will be propitiated by the use we are giving to our leather portfolio on a daily basis. It is not the same to wear sitting in an office than in a more street job, where we are constantly taking out and keeping the wallet. The ideal, establishing an average user is to clean it every two or three months.

  1. Avoid oily products

Already focusing on the time to clean your leather wallet, it is important to flee from all types of oils. The oils produce a deceptive effect on skin products since they make them look shiny and shiny when applied but soon turn their effect to the opposite. They can cause grease stains and ruin the leather product forever.

  1. How to clean your leather wallet

The best thing to do a routine cleaning of your leather wallet is to do it with non-aggressive elements that we all have at home: A simple dry cloth, mineral water, and shampoo for children (if you do not have it, of normal).

The detail of the mineral water and not tap water is due to the fact that the water that runs through our pipes sometimes has chlorine, and affects the leather in a negative way.

The procedure is very simple. Pass a cloth moistened with the shampoo by the surface to be cleaned off our skin portfolio and then repeat the operation changing the shampoo for water. Finally, use a third dry cloth to ensure that no soap or water remains.

  1. To finish

Once we have our leather wallet almost like when we bought it if we want to reach perfection we can use some of the sprays that are sold specialized in leather, in order to give it even more shine.

It is important to be clear that just as we should not use oils for cleaning, the use of bitumen or colored sprays is equally harmful to our leather portfolio.


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