Tips When Choosing The Right Leather Shoes

This time we are going to give you some advice when buying some good shoes.

There are many people who want a little information when choosing quality shoes. In this regard, we are going to talk about the leather.

How To Choose Right Leather Shoes?

First and it seems obvious to say it is advisable not to buy dress shoes that are not made of leather. It is the best material to make good shoes.

The fact that you decided on leather shoes does not mean you bought a quality shoe.

Choosing The Right Leather Shoes

Generally, in most medium-sized shoe stores you will find leather shoes, but in many cases, it is not the best option. Normally most medium quality shoes are made with what is called “rectified grain” or “polished” skin. What do we mean by this term? The majority of animal skins are imperfect. They have marks, scars, which make them unsuitable for use in shoes. After all, very few people want to buy a shoe with a big scar on it. So instead of using only the best parts for footwear manufacturing, some manufacturers use a type of skin in which the top of the grain is removed and pigmented with chemicals to create uniformity.

It’s leather, yes, but its finishes are not natural.

This works very well for some manufacturers that offer a somewhat cheaper product since the shoe looks good in the store and “shines” in front of a consumer who only looks for a product of “shiny skin”, but the shortcomings are short numerous term. In addition to the chemical finish, the corrected flower wrinkles and consequently cracks more severely (due to the additional layer of chemicals on the upper part of the skin), not recovering its natural state, transpires poorly, and ages worse. So, in short, whenever we can it is good to avoid buying shoes made with these types of skins.

Instead, and whenever possible, look for shoes made with full-grain leather that is the skin in which the grain or dermis is natural and has not been altered. These skins give your shoe a differentiating aspect.

The way to differentiate them is simple, the surface of the shoe feels to the touch, in the visibility of the pore, in the elasticity and in the body. Note the depth of the color. And if you have any questions, ask the seller.

Some shoes made of leather full flower last longer than the rest, as well as provide a nice, warm touch, a natural aged and very important natural transpiration adjusted to body temperature. With due care, they will last practically your entire life. Therefore, the purchase of the highest quality footwear is always a very profitable and safe investment.


I am an Architect Engineer by profession with great interest in web and content creation. I have used leather products for a long time, which has increased my enthusiasm, knowledge, and understanding of leather. I am here to shed light on the leather and guide you on choosing the best leather products.

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