The Best Leather Office Chair (Reviews 2021)

Is it time you upgraded your office chair? Then you need to go for the best leather office chair in the market. Also known as leather executive seating, these leather chairs come in numerous styles from traditional and modern ones. Meant for support, these office chairs are known to prevent back pains while being professionally stylish.

Designed for individuals of all sizes, these office chairs usually include black or white leather and also high backs as well as mid-back.  When it comes to the type of leather used, you will find a variety of them. These include genuine leather, top-grain leather, bonded leather as well as eco-friendly.

Therefore, regardless of which type of leather office chair you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find it no matter your budget. So, let’s not waste another moment and just look at the 6 best leather office chairs best suited for you.

Leather Office Chair List for Quick Selections 

Amazon Basics Executive Home Office...
BestOffice Office Chair Cheap Desk...
Furmax Leather High Back Office...
KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High...
Homall Office Chair High Back...
High Back Office Chair - Adjustable...
Amazon Basics Executive Home Office...
BestOffice Office Chair Cheap Desk...
Furmax Leather High Back Office...
KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High...
Homall Office Chair High Back...
High Back Office Chair - Adjustable...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Basics Executive Home Office...
Amazon Basics Executive Home Office...
BestOffice Office Chair Cheap Desk...
BestOffice Office Chair Cheap Desk...
Furmax Leather High Back Office...
Furmax Leather High Back Office...
Amazon Prime
KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High...
KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High...
Homall Office Chair High Back...
Homall Office Chair High Back...
High Back Office Chair - Adjustable...
High Back Office Chair - Adjustable...

The Best Leather Office Chair

01. AmazonBasics High-Back Swivel Office Chair

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If you are looking for the best executive office chair 2020, then AmazonBasic High-Back Swivel office chair should be on the top of your list.  Designed in different colors such as classic black, brick red, grey, brown, and stunning white, you will have a variety to choose from.

The chair weighs 35.3 pounds and is ideal for anyone weighing not more than 250 pounds. Adjustable from 41 to 43 inches, you can be able to raise the chair upwards, downwards, or tilt it. Therefore to start with, if you need to adjust the chair upwards, you only need to stand up for a bit and pull up on the control handle located under the seat.

For lowering the chair, gently pull the handle under the seat without rising from the seat. If you need to tilt it, a tilt-tension knob underneath the sat will enable you to rock the chair back and forth.

Being fully adjustable, the chair not only provides comfort, especially if you are sitting for long hours but also promotes a healthy back posture. This is because the chair provides padding on the gently curved armrests and also on the back.

Another great feature of this chair is the 360-degree swivel and the casters that enable you to move around the office without leaving your seat. 


  • Solid design and materials
  • Padded armrests
  • 360-degree swivel capability
  • Affordable price point
  • One-touch height adjustment for easy modification, which reduces neck and back strain.


  • Low weight capacity
  • It has limited ergonomic options

02. Ergonomic Executive Rolling Swivel Office Chair

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Another great leather office chair to move around the office is the Ergonomic office chair. Designed for women, this durable PU leather chair has a sleek, modern design with two available colors mainly black and white.

The chair weighs 41.2 pounds with a maximum of 250 pounds of weight capacity. In addition, it is very adjustable, which means you can raise or lower the chair using the adjustable lever, which is located under the chair. When it comes to its 360o swivel wheels, they are very easy and quiet to move in any direction, therefore not creating any disturbance.

Additionally, it offers great support that deals with any back and leg pain complications due to its smooth padded backrest and seat cushion. Moreover, it has a lumber support arms headrest that offers extra comfort to your arms.

With all the available necessary tools and easy to follow instructions, this ergonomic office chair only takes 10 to 15 minutes to assemble.

Easy to clean and maintain, its soft PU leather material is both oil and water-resistant, making it long-lasting and appealing to the eye. All in all, this office chair will give you the comfort and support you need to last you all day long.


  • Easily adjustable
  • it’s easy to assemble
  • Good quality
  • It’s very appealing to the eyes
  • Very comfortable
  • Oil and water resistance making it easy to clean and maintain.


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Designed for women only

03. Furmax High Back Office Chair with Padded Armrest

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Furmax High Back Office Chair is another excellent chair for workplaces like home, office, reception rooms, and conference rooms. Available in four colors, the chair is cushioned back and the seat is upholstered in black, white, brown, or grey bonded leather. This makes it the best computer chair for long hours due to its maximum comfort.

Weighing 38.3 pounds, the chair can hold a maximum of 3oo pounds weight capacity with an adjustable height of 17.3 to 20.5 inches.  With 360 degrees swivel wheels, the smooth-rolling castors make a superb stable structure when you rotate from your desk to the printer and back. This not only keeps you grounded on your feet but also ensures you don’t strain your body.

Speaking of straining, the chair also has lumbar support and full PU leather curved armrests that offer extra support and comfort to your arms and back. Furthermore, the whole chair can rock back and forth, giving you some minutes to relax during your busy working days.

Designed with a solid material, the chair is breathable and comfortable, which is easy to clean and maintain. The good news is that it’s also water resistant in case you spill water or any other drink on it. Therefore, you should rest assured that you are making the right choice when choosing Furmax High Back Office Chair.


  • Very comfortable and modern look
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent value for money
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Its water-resistance
  • The chair is made of high-quality leather


  • Stiff with the recline
  • Badly pre-drilled holes

04. KILLABEE Massage High Back PU Leather Gaming Chair

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The best chair for gaming purposes, KILLABEE Massage High Back Chair, is also perfect for use while working long hours in the office. Boasting thick, soft seat cushions, there are a variety of colors such as gray/black, red/ black, and blue/black. Made for superior functionality, the chair weighs 43.4 pounds and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Being a massage gaming chair, there is a built-in USB-powered electric massager that effectively relieves fatigue at any time during the day. Secondly, it has an adjustable backrest, which tilts from 90 degrees angle to 175 degrees. By simply pulling or pushing the control handle, you can shake back and forth the chair for the ultimate comfort for work or even rest.

Apart from that, the chair has thickened armrests that support your arms as well as a padded footrest that easily pulls in and out. Having 5 smooth-rolling caster wheels that turn 360 degrees, you will have the chance to swivel around without waking up from your chair. That’s not all, though; the chair is made using premium quality material; therefore, making it strong, highly durable, and very secure. Perfect for any body shape, KILLABEE is more than just a gaming chair and is truly worth the purchase.


  • It’s a comfortable chair
  • Amazing design
  • High-quality PU leather
  • Adjustable lumbar cushion massage
  • Affordable price


  • Cushions and padding might be too soft for most people
  • The wheels don’t necessarily roll off the carpets and other soft surfaces

05. Hormall Modern Executive Swivel Task Chair

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Suffering from lower back pain? Then go for Homall Office Chair. One of the best office chairs for lower back pain, the chair comes in six colors, mainly white, gray, blue, black, red, and brown. Known to have a wide sitting area, the chair also has a super long 18.6 inches and 3 inches wide padded armrest designed to provide an incredible sitting experience.

Having a maximum capacity of 300 lbs. the chair itself weighs 36.6 pounds and has an adjustable height of 13.7 inches to 17.4 inches.  The ergonomic layering is another feature you will love when it comes to the Homall Office Chair. Apart from shielding you from any back pain, it also increases the level of appearance of the chair.

Moreover, the chair is made with thick steel as well as strong rubber casters that work smoothly on any floor. Having been tested by rolling them again and again for 1000 miles, you are guaranteed the best when it comes to the functionality of the chair. Other than that, you can tilt back by 180 degrees for some relaxation time.

Once you are done relaxing and need to adjust the height of the chair, just get hold of the handle under the seat, and you are good to go. Keep this in mind; although this amazing chair is great for office purposes, it is also ideal for the study room, living room, and so on.


  • Can load up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Smooth-rolling on the different surfaces
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Provides several color choices
  • Easy to assemble


  • The chair might not fit under a small desk
  • Unlike other ergonomic chairs, it has limited adjustments

06. VANBOW High Back Office Chair Rocking and Lock Function Leather Executive Computer Desk Chair

most comfortable home office chair

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For the ultimate comfort and increase in productivity, VANBOW High Back Office Chair will do it for you. Made from bonded leather, this executive chair has a stylish, professional look that makes your working environment seem elegant. Available in different colors such as black and brown, the executive chair is 41 pounds and has a weight capacity of 250lbs.

Guaranteed to last for a long, this computer chair is designed to provide the best comfort and lumbar support to all individuals. It also has a double padded foam seat cushion that provides soft support for your hip.  Furthermore, the padded headrest is great at reducing pressure on your upper body and neck while the curved armrests enhance comfort and support.

When it comes to further adjustment, you can raise or lower the seat using pneumatic controls until you get the desired results. In addition, there is a chance to rock back and forth from 90 degrees to 120 degrees, which enables you to periodically lean back to rest. What’s more, you can rotate a full 360 degrees or move with the smooth-rolling casters from one corner to the next with ease.

Therefore, a must-have desk chair, this sleek and modern chair will definitely make any office worker, college student, or passionate gamer be grateful to own one.


  • Elegant design
  • Top-notch lumbar support
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Flexible reclining angle and retractable footrest
  • Superior quality materials
  • Risk-Free Purchase


  • Some people consider it to be very expensive
  • It only has 120 degrees max recline

Things to Consider When Buying a Leather Office Chair

best affordable office chair

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The Adjustability of the Chair

Adjustability is one essential feature to consider when buying a leather office chair. This means you need to be able to adjust your chair easily by either raising or lowering it. In addition, you should be able to adjust the armrest, enabling you to rest your arms in a comfortable way without slouching. Keep this in mind; an easily adjustable chair will be beneficial to your body in the long run.


Leather office chairs come in different sizes. Although most of them have the same range of weight capacity, they cannot be suitable for everyone. That’s why it’s vital you find a chair that will fit you properly and also provide the needed support.


The type of leather material you choose also plays a vital part in which kind of chair you will purchase. These are full-grain leather, top-grain leather, spilled leather, PU leather, and bonded leather, among other kinds of leather. Remember this, top-grain leather tops the list when it comes to style and, therefore, makes leather chairs a great choice. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Casters and Rotation

Casters and rotations play a large part when choosing a leather chair. Being able to rotate and move the chair from one place to another within your office is essential to many shoppers.

What about casters?  Casters are there to enable you to move on any floor. Therefore, buy a chair with soft rubber wheels if the floor has a hard surface and hard wheels if the floor is covered with a carpet. This is to ensure the chair won’t get stuck or slippery, thus bringing bodily harm. Note that rotating your chair to talk to clients or other workers will prevent you from turning around your neck or your whole body.


No matter the type of leather you are going with, the padding has to be right for you. That means the chair should not be too hard or too soft. The hard padding will surely make you uncomfortable while the soft padding won’t provide enough support. Therefore, choose wisely.

Lumbar Support

Sitting for too long in a chair without any back support will definitely strain your spine as well as the lower back. Therefore, ensure you pick a leather office chair that has lumbar support, and also it’s designed to match the contour of your spine. The lower back should be slightly arched all the time to avoid your slumping as the day progresses.


Last but not least, you should consider the cost of the leather office chair. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have found the best leather office chair, are you able to afford it? So, before you go out searching for a leather chair, it’s essential you know your price range in advance. This will not only let you choose the right chair for you but also save you time.

Why Should You Choose Leather Chair Instead of Fabric

Although fabric chairs have their own benefits, there are so many factors why you should leather chairs instead of fabric.  These factors usually include:

best office chair

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When we differentiate between a leather chair and a fabric one, leather chairs tend to be more durable. Known to last longer than your average fabric chair, you are guaranteed to have your leather office chairs, keeping their shape and looks for years to come.


Although fabric chairs are available in many designs, when it comes to appearance, a leather chair has a more sleek and classic appearance. This is known to add elegance to the office since a leather chair tends to appear high end in space than a fabric chair. Overall, this makes the leather chairs trendier than their fabric counterparts.


Even if both materials require care now and then, a leather chair is easy to clean and maintain as it only requires rubbing or dusting a couple of times. However, with a fabric chair, you will be required to clean it regularly with fabric cleaning products.

Color durability:

Though both materials have a variety of different color durability, the leather color palette tends to be more lasting than fabric colors. It’s sad that even if the fabric has unlimited tones and pattern choices, the color usually fades out very quickly compared to a leather chair.


It’s true some people feel fabric is more comfortable than leather especially when made for car seats. However, when it comes to chairs, leather is still more beneficial since it is firmer than fabric chairs.


Unlike fabric, leather chairs are hypoallergenic. This means the leather chairs won’t accumulate dust mites or any other allergens easily.  Therefore, to keep allergic reactions at bay, it’s easier to purchase a leather chair rather than a fabric one.

Leather Office Chair FAQs

Q: What Type of Office Chair is Best?

There are so many types of office chairs in the market that has specific features to cater to different needs. Therefore, no one type of office chair is necessary the best since you need to find the one that will fit your specific needs. Apart from the leather office chair, you can also go for ergonomic chairs or mesh office chairs.

Q: What is the Best Office Chair for Sitting Long Hours?

The AmazonBasics High-Back Computer Chair is the best office chair for sitting for long hours. It has an adjustable seat height, which allows you to comfortably seat at the desk and work on the computer. In addition, it has a wide and deep seat to ensure maximum comfort. Also, being made from quality leather material it is easier to clean in case you spill any drink on it.

Q: What is the Best Chair for Sitting All Day?

The most recommended chair for sitting all day is Herman Miller Aeron Executive office chair. In terms of design and build quality, this chair is quite comfortable to sit in, making it one of the best chairs for sitting all day long.

Q: How Do I Find a Good Office Chair?

Office chairs are available in many styles and designs. You can find a good office chair from either the traditional way of walking in a furniture store and searching for the right office chair. On the other hand, you can find a good office chair by shopping online. There are so many online stores offering great office chairs deals with even free shipment offers.  Just remember, if you are buying online, double check the features you require to avoid getting the wrong order.

Q: Should My Office Chair Have Armrests?

Yes, your office chair should have armrests. Moreover, you should be able to sit in the chair and adjust the armrest to your height and width. Just ensure the armrests are positioned near the back of the chair or on the backrest of the chair. However, be cautious of resting your forearms on the armrest for a prolonged period when typing to avoid compressing your fingers.

Q: What’s the Most Comfortable Office Chair?

When it comes to comfort, everyone has a specific description of the most comfortable chair. However, an office chair with excellent ergonomics, a high level of adjustability, and comfortable material is considered a comfortable chair. That’s because this chair helps protect your back and makes you feel comfortable all the time.

Q: How Do I Choose a Desk Chair?

There are so many factors to help you choose the right desk chair.

  • First of all, you need a chair that will easily adjust to fit your body, your preference, and how you work. Therefore, choose a chair that will easily adjust to enable you to reduce pressure on your spine and legs.
  • “Secondly, the seat height and depth is also an important factor to look at when choosing a desk chair. When the seat height is properly adjusted, the thighs should be parallel to the ground with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor. In addition, your back should be in full contact with the chair’s backrest for maximum comfort.”
  • Another essential factor is finding a desk chair with great lumbar support. A requirement especially if you have lower back issues, you can opt for a fixed depth lumbar or an adjustable one.
  • Reclining the chair is also an important factor to consider when buying a desk chair. Apart from helping you support the weight of your upper body, you get to change your posture throughout the day enabling you to sit comfortably.
  • Last but not least, you should go for a desk chair that has a breathable material as well as great padding.

How To Clean and Care For Your Leather Office Chair YouTube


If you are sitting for more than 8 hours in a day, then you need to consider the type of chair you are using. Although it may seem like a daunting task to look for one, I believe the above review will help you choose the best leather office chair.

Just know which features are right for you and also consider the price and you will be on your way to purchasing the best chair. However, before we go, do you have any other great leather office chairs in mind?  If you do, let us know in the comment section below.

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