Best Ways to Clean a Leather Couch At Home

Leather couches are renowned for their durability and stylish finish. Similarly, finding the best way to clean a leather couch doesn’t have to be a tall order. A leather couch is an investment, which, when taken good care of, can stay in fashion and service for a long time. Its timelessness and butter-soft texture make it an envy of other top fabrics.

Despite all the enormous praises and attributes leather couches and other leather fabrics enjoy, it’s important to note that they equally have their own fair share of downsides; they catch dirt quickly if not well taken care of. Just like other fabrics, leather can catch dirt, ranging from spots to stains to daily grime. That’s why you need to know the best ways to clean a leather couch at home.

You will find many people recommending homemade leather couch cleaners as one of the best ways to clean a leather sofa. Sometimes others will recommend some leather furniture cleaner and conditioner for you. However, I believe the process doesn’t have to cost more than your time.

Are you unsure of where to begin? This article is a guide on the best ways to clean a leather sofa;

Step by step guide on homemade leather sofa cleaners and cleaning

1.Best way to clean the leather couch surface

Before you start your cleaning routine, ensure you have a leather furniture cleaner like a vacuum cleaner, and connect a brush to the end. Now, gently brush the surface, as you focus on areas where dirt typically piles up, like the creases and folds of the sofa.

If a brush attachment is hard to find, feel free to use a feather duster. Do not use the upholstery attachment because using this attachment could scratch and damage the smooth surface of your leather couch.

After shaking all the debris from your leather sofa, wipe the grime away. This will work even for black leather too. To achieve this successfully, make use of leather wipes or baby wipes. However, if you can’t find these nearby, then you may want to know how to make use of homemade leather couch cleaner tactics.

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How to effectively clean the leather couch surface

Here are the steps for cleaning leather sofa surface for general spillage and mess;

You will need:

  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Two pieces of clean rags

Do It Yourself

  1. Add water and some white vinegar in equal proportions in a clean bowl.
  2. Now, dip a clean rag into the solution you have just prepared. Thoroughly wring out the rag to dampness before you press it on the leather because the excess liquid could damage the leather.
  3. Confidently wipe the sofa all around with the damp rag. Slowly but steadily work your way from top to bottom in small, circular motions. After a few strokes, before the rag catches too much dirt, rinse the rag and repeat the process.
  4. Having worked all around the leather couch, leaving no hidden space unattended to, wipe the sofa dry with another clean, dry rag. Do not be tempted to use anything hot to dry the sofa, a hairdryer, or an iron box, as will only dehydrate the leather if not burn it and cause it to wrinkle.

Important: If you are in a position to use distilled water to clean your leather sofa. Sometimes tap water contains chemicals that could secretly be harmful to the leather fabric.

2. On removing stains and grease

Leather fabric is usually resistant to the usual liquid stains. However, if stains such as from ink or grease were to spill on it, then someone might be scared a bit. These are usually the most challenging stains to eliminate, not only for leather but for any other fabric too.

No cause for alarm, though, because there are other best ways of cleaning a leather couch and freeing it from these unsightly stains.

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How to remove stubborn grease stains from leather

Here is how to do remove grease and other sticky substances;

You will need:

  • Baking soda/ corn starch
  • A clean piece of cloth

Do It Yourself:

  1. The best way to clean a couch from grease stains is to gently wipe them immediately they come into contact with the leather. No problem if you notice them much; later on, it can still be fixed. In such a case, simply sprinkle the baking soda or corn starch directly on the stain spot.
  2. Allow the baking soda to stay on the stain spot undisturbed for several hours, preferably overnight, to let it fully penetrate the fabric. Once you are confident about the timing, (in the morning), brush away the dirty spot with a clean cloth. By this time, baking soda will have sucked the grease off the fabric like magic!

Important: In case you run out of baking soda but still want a quick cleaning solution, never reach for your usual washing-up liquid. This will only damage the material as it is known to cause cracking and wrinkling of the leather.

best way to clean a leather couch

Best way to remove ink stains from leather couch

Some ink stains can be deliberate, while others are not. Either way, you need to know the best way to clean the leather couch and remove the ink stains, here’s how to achieve this;

You will need:

  • A cotton ball
  • Some rubbing alcohol
  • A damp piece of cloth
  • A dry clean piece of cloth

Do It Yourself:

  1. Take a cotton ball and gently dip it into the rubbing alcohol. Make sure you don’t drench it.
  2. Now, rub the wet cotton ball gently over the stain of ink until you notice the ink start to dissolve out from the fabric.
  3. Once all the ink is wiped out, make clean rag damp (with water this time) and wipe off any remains. Finish off by drying the treated surface with the dry clean piece of cloth. Never forget to let the water dry out on its own from the leather, water weakens leather if left to dry on its own, that’s why it is so it’s important to use a dry rag and dry every bit of the leather sofa.

4. On conditioning the fabric

At this point, you have successfully eliminated all kinds of dirt from your leather couch. Assumedly, you have used some of the best ways to clean a leather sofa, as discussed above. You now have a lovely clean sofa which most likely looks and smells fresh. What next? How about the best leather furniture cleaners and conditioners?

The best way to clean the leather sofa and restore its original shine and elegance, you may want to add a little touch of class to it with some homemade leather furniture conditioner/ cleaner. It’s easy!

You will need:

  • Lemon/ tea tree oil (easily available to you at your nearest health food stores)
  • White vinegar
  • A clean piece of cloth

Do It Yourself:

  1. Put 10 drops of the lemon or tea tree oil in a bowl and add two cups of white vinegar.
  2. Now, gently apply the solution you have made to the sofa using a clean piece of cloth.  Gently rub it into the fabric in a slow but steady circular motion.
  3. Let it dry overnight. In the morning, you will notice your leather has regained its lovely shine.
  4. Go an extra mile for extra freshness in the days and weeks to follow, take a dry cloth and buff over and over to restore the shine and elegance.

Remember: Repetition is the best way to clean a leather couch and maintain it. You will need to repeat the use of a leather furniture conditioner on the couch at least every six to twelve months.

Note: Avoid applying harsh chemicals, like alcohol or leather shoe polish, which aren’t the best ways to clean leather couch. These can actually destroy the seats if not make your clothes dirty whenever you sit. Also, remember to keep your leather sofas far away from direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Excess sunlight can make the leather color fade. I bet you don’t want that.

Most importantly, for stains and dirt on your leather couch, it’s best to attend to them immediately a spillage happens, or immediately you spot them.

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Final words

If you were to follow these best ways to clean your leather sofa at home, then you can be sure the fabric will last for many years to come. The frequency of cleaning the leather couch actually depends on a number of random things. However, most people usually recommend cleaning light-colored leather once every six months and for dark-colored leather sofas, once a year. Once you’ve mastered the steps outlined in this informative article, cleaning your leather couch will never be a thorn in the flesh. On the contrary, it will be an interesting chore you will be looking forward to regularly.

It’s disappointing how just a few bad stains and spills can ruin the once elegant appearance of your leather couch due to negligence or improper cleaning methods.

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