7 Best Full-Grain Leather Belt: Genuine Leather Belt Reviews 2021

When it comes to leather, there are few limitations in getting various products. You can get bags, shoes, belts, and other products made from various leather types, including full-grain leather. Having a durable belt made from quality materials with awesome designs can be quite beneficial. With the excellent features of belts made from genuine leather, most persons search for the best full-grain leather belt.

Belts made from full-grain leather come designed with the inherent toughness of the animal hide. You can comfortably spot the marks and wrinkles of the animal hide, making it look quite attractive. These belts are also soft and flexible; thus, you can wear them on your jeans and other pants. However, choosing the right Belt can be quite challenging, as there are many available options. Thus, we’ve provided you with the best Belt made from full-grain leather.

Top 3 Full-Grain Leather Belt For Quick Selections

KEECOW Men's 100% Italian Cow...
Buffway Minimalist 1.5" Full Grain...
The Outrider Belt | Made in USA |...
KEECOW Men's 100% Italian Cow...
Buffway Minimalist 1.5" Full Grain...
The Outrider Belt | Made in USA |...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
KEECOW Men's 100% Italian Cow...
KEECOW Men's 100% Italian Cow...
Buffway Minimalist 1.5" Full Grain...
Buffway Minimalist 1.5" Full Grain...
Amazon Prime
The Outrider Belt | Made in USA |...
The Outrider Belt | Made in USA |...
Amazon Prime

The Best Full-Grain Leather Belt

01. Men’s 100% Italian Leather Belt

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This Italian cowhide comes with a suitable buckle that keeps it fit on your pants, designed from 100% genuine leather. This classic buckle also has an anti-scratch feature that makes it suitable for the skin without causing allergic reactions. The buckle also has a snap for locking it on the pant waistlines. It works perfectly for both official and casual looks.

With several belt holes, this adjustable Belt seems to fit more waistline sizes. Having excellent thickness that measures 3.5mm thick, this Belt seems sturdy. This full-grain leather belt is a perfect choice for persons with waistline size measuring 28 inches to 43 inches. It is durable and can last for a lifetime; thus, it can go for a very long time without tearing.

This Men’s 100% Italian cow Leather Belt comes in varying colors that you can choose from to wear on jeans, Khakis, or other outfits. It has a full length of 1.5 inches, which measures the full-grain leather belt without the buckle. Thus, it would help if you considered this length in picking a suitable belt size. Although the belt buckle is changeable, you have to cut the stitches holding it in place before you can remove it.

One can comfortably shorten this Belt by simply unscrewing it and cutting the excess part off. You can then further add the excess in a line like a strap and punch a belt hole before connecting the strap. Hence, if you mistakenly pick an over-sized belt, you can still make use of it with ease.


  • It comes designed from 100% Italian cowhide leather
  • It comes with a quality belt buckle that is removable
  • It comes in various sizes and can accommodate larger waistlines
  • It comes with a removable buckle
  • It comes with new screw sets and a hole puncher


  • Some persons find the buckle inferior

02. Genuine Leather Belts for Men

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This Belt comes made with 100% full-grain leather, having a width of 1.5 inches. Made from cowhide leather sourced from Italy, this Belt is very durable and practical. This Genuine Leather Belt for men comes in handy for jeans, as well as dress pants. They provide a comfy feeling and has excellent abrasion resistance.

Thus, this Belt is different from those made from artificial leather, and it does not wear out quickly. Burning a part of this Belt releases the natural smell of hair that further proves that it comes from quality full-grain leather. It comes with a buckle closure, made of antique alloy. Although the Belt’s surface has a protective oil film, it can absorb water quickly, one of the standard features of products made from genuine leather.

Despite the leather processing, this Belt still showcases the irregular pores, marks, and wrinkles common on full-grain leather. It weighs 9.59 ounces and has a dimension of 5.2 × 5.1 × 1.8 inches. It can comfortably fit individuals with 44 inches waist size, and even those with 46 inches waist size can wear them using the last holes of the Belt. Are you searching for a durable belt with excellent tensile strength? Then, this full-grain leather belt is the best catch for you.


  • It comes designed from genuine leather
  • It is durable
  • It is soft, smooth, and flexible
  • It has excellent resistance to abrasion
  • The belt’s buckle is changeable


  • Its color is not highly resilient

03. The Outrider Belt | Brown Full-grain Leather Belt for Men

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For that classical male look, this Belt comes stylish and ideal for various men, including khakis, slacks, and jeans. This full-grain leather belt made in the USA comes handcrafted by experts, with intricate designs that ensure its quality. It is durable and can last for a lifetime. It doesn’t fade off and gets better as time goes on, and it is resistant to wear and tears.

Thus, it is a suitable gift for men, as they would always appreciate its quality. With a sturdy gunmetal buckle, the Belt stays in place all day long, providing you the required comfort. Also, its buckle is changeable, and you can get a suitable one whenever you desire. The brown color makes it suitable for various outfits, as it matches perfectly and creates a neutral look.

The Outrider belt doesn’t fall apart, as this heavy-duty Belt comes with excellent precision, manufactured from the choicest leather. It is quite thick, as it measures 1.5 inches in width. This brown full-grain leather belt comes in size 38 and can easily fit men’s pants of size 36. It is affordable, and its quality is worth its cost.


  • It is sturdy and thick
  • It is handmade from quality full-grain leather
  • The buckle is durable and changeable
  • It is very stylish
  • The belt color is resilient


It comes in only brown color

04. Buffway Men’s Italian Leather Belt

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The Buffway Men’s Belt is of 100% full-grain leather and available in various colors. This durable Belt is thick and sturdy, handmade from genuine Italian cowhide leather. It works perfectly for official outfits and casual wear. Thus, you can wear them with business suits, casual trousers, golf shirts, and slacks.

The classic metal buckle comes flat and slightly curved to ensure it stays fit on you for as long as you wear it. This fashion accessory ranges from 30 inches to 56 inches; thus, it works perfectly for people with larger waist sizes. Thus, you can get the details of your size and pick out the right one that wouldn’t appear too tight or too loose on your pants. This thick Belt has a width of 1/8 inches and does not tear easily.

It comes with an excellent closure, the “hook and loop” type that makes it fit right without coming off. Are you continually searching for a perfect replacement for your Old Belt? Look no further, as this pair of full-grain leather belts would work correctly.

Furthermore, Buffway Men’s Belt is very versatile and can suit men of all ages. Hence, this genuine leather belt provides men with a sophisticated appearance, as it sits on their pants.


  • It is affordable and worth its price
  • It is durable, soft, and flexible
  • It is available in different colors
  • Suits men of varying ages
  • It comes designed of genuine leather and comes thick


  • The sizing may not be on point; thus, you may go for sizes slightly larger.

05. NPET Leather Belt for Men

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The NPETMen’s Leather belt comes from one of the most robust leather available. This full-grain leather belt comes designed from Argentina cowhide leather. There are fewer scars on the leather, making this Belt smooth and soft. To confirm the use of genuine leather, you can still notice some natural vascular line marks.

These somewhat visible scars do not reduce the belt quality in any way but are a common characteristic of full-grain leather. This slip resistance belt comes designed with a villus base and makes it comfortable wearing on your pants. Although the belt villus base makes the process of passing it through your pants more challenging, it also prevents belt rotation.

It comes in a variety of colors, and you can pick the one you desire most. Since it is made of cattle leather, it does not pose any risk to people. With its high quality, this Belt is an ideal gift option for special occasions. It is styled in a distressed vintage manner and has replaceable buckles. Replacing the belt buckle, you can choose different belt buckles within the size range of 1.5 inches.

Available in different sizes ranging from size 31 to 46; thus, you can pick the size that fits. A belt size of 32/34 can comfortably fit a pant size of 32 inches. It comes with seven different holes for easy adjusting to fit right. Made from a single leather piece, it does not come sewn or glued. Although it is termed as Men’s Belt, this is also a full-grain women leather belt, which suits the female gender.


  • Handmade from quality leather
  • Colored with natural dyes
  • It has anti-allergic features
  • It comes with a replaceable buckle
  • It is suitable for both male and female


  • The dark color seems slightly faded on the Belt

06. Men’s Casual Belt with Roller Buckle

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This brown tan belt comes made with 100% genuine leather, measuring 1.5 inches long. Being a full-grain leather belt, it is durable and incredibly soft. It is a thick belt produced in India and made as a single piece of leather. The Belt’s thickness measures 3.6 mm and weighs 3.04 ounces. This belt craftsmanship is of high quality and an excellent fashion accessory.

It comes with an excellent buckle made of stainless steel. Thus, the Belt’s buckle is resistant to corrosion and keeps the Belt in place on your waistline. This men’s casual Belt is perfect for both casual outfits and formal outfits. It is also an ideal gift option for loved ones, as its quality is appreciable.

This Belt comes in primary colors, black and brown, that match various outfits and suit different occasions. The color textures are fantastic, as they come adequately tanned. They also come in varying belt sizes, ranging from size 28 to size 44. This leather belt is substantial, affordable, and worth its price.


  • It comes crafted with quality leather
  • It is durable and flexible
  • It is affordable
  • It is available in basic colors
  • It has a buckle that keeps the belt in place


  • Some persons complained of the buckle falling apart

07. The Bootlegger Full-grain Leather Belt

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This Belt is an excellent accessory made in the USA and comes from 100% full-grain leather from animal hides. It comes with excellent features that make you spot the difference, and its unique properties make it one of the best gifts for special occasions. It comes in a perfect size that fits wider waistlines perfectly.

The Bootlegger Leather Belt comes in brown and grey colors and is perfect for jeans and khakis. The minor marks and imperfections, which are common characteristics of full-grain leather, make it more stylish. It keeps developing its patina while you keep using it. This single piece heavy-duty strap, with tough leather, offers the right hold on your pants.

Although it is tough, it doesn’t come too stiff, and its flexibility is highly appreciable. It comes with an excellent casual style that would create a unique fashion look. Its rustic appearance comes from the addition of some special wax. With time, this belt stats giving off some patina in a distressed-looking style


  • It is long-lasting, made from sturdy materials
  • It has awesome designs resulting from the animal’s hide marks
  • It comes with a heavy-duty metal buckle
  • A single leather piece without any lamination
  • It has some excellent rustic look that’s perfect on jeans


  • It may look too rough for persons who prefer belts with smoother surfaces

Buying Guide: Picking the Best Full-grain Leather Belt

Belts are essential accessories that don’t just hold your pants in place but offer a unique look. Thus, it is essential to look out for the best pair that fits right. Choosing the right full-grain leather belt can be quite challenging, as there are several options out there in stores. Some persons try to find the right option from the best full-grain leather belt Reddit recommends. However, you can comfortably make the right choice by analyzing the factors below.

genuine full grain leather belt

The size of the Belt

Size is of the essence, as you wouldn’t want your belts to appear too loose or too tight on your pants. Thus, size is one of the first things to look out for when purchasing a belt. You can find various belts made of full-grain leather having different sizes that suit varying waistline sizes. You can go through the store size charts, picking the one that fits your pant’s waistline.

If, however, you couldn’t find a size chart, you should try to pick sizes that surpass your waistline size by three inches. If they later appear too large, you may resize them, and if too small, you may punch more holes.


Although full-grain leather comes in the best quality, there are some fake products out there. Thus, it would help if you make purchases from genuine stores; you can check out the full-grain leather belt amazon offers. Don’t just go for cheaper versions, but check if they are of high quality.

Take a close look at the Belt, and look out for marks of animal scars and blood vessels, as often found on full-grain leathers. Also, access the belt thickness; you can go for hanks belts, as they appear thicker.

Casual or Classic Belts?

Belts can provide you with either that classic appearance or a casual appearance. Some classic belts are only suitable for formal outfits, and the opposite for casual belts. There are various classic and casual full-grain leather belts. Thus, you can comfortably make your choice. However, some excellent options provide both looks, making it suitable for both classic and casual wear.

Belt Colors

The full-grain leather belts available out there in stores comes in varying colors. However, it is advisable to have at least a pair of black and brown belts; they can never go wrong. You can create a more impressive fashion statement by seeking other colors that match your various shoe colors.

Belt Buckles

There are various belt buckle options that you can choose from, including those that appear as box frames, simple frames, and even reversible buckles. However, you would find the best full-grain leather dress belt with relatively flat buckles, with many removable buckles. These buckles also come in different colors and have varying qualities. Some persons prefer belts with changeable buckles, to access different looks on different occasions.


full grain leather belt made in usa

Which leather is best for belts?

For durable and flexible belts, full-grain leather is the best pick. Belts made from full-grain leather are amongst those with the highest quality. They are thick and have those existing marks of the animals. The best of them comes handcrafted from animal hides of excellent quality.

Unlike the imitation leather, burning belts made from full-grain leather give off a smell similar to burnt hair. You can often find full-grain leather belts made from cattle hides and other animals.

How much is a real leather belt?

The cost of genuine leather belts varies, as they come in varying designs and quality. However, you can find a lot of them between the price range of $100 and below. Some are quite expensive, as they come handcrafted, made from the choicest leather materials. You can get a good one for lesser amounts. Look out for affordable belts that come with excellent quality. The Belt should be able to last for a long while and serve its purpose effectively.

What is the most substantial Belt?

There are belts made from different leather types, and the strongest ones are sturdy and durable. They can withstand the test of time and serve their purpose effectively. One of such strong belts is the full-grain leather belts that come designed with excellent animal hides.

They are thick, flexible, and they sit right on their pants. This type of Belt starts developing patine as you keep using it. Since they hardly tear apart, you can easily make use of it for a long while.

How long should a leather belt last?

It varies, as there are different leather belts of varying qualities. However, you can find those with excellent quality, like various full-grain leather belts lasting for a lifetime. There are also those with good quality that can last for 5-10 years.

But, leather belts of lesser quality may serve their purpose for a few months, and they start wearing out. Hence, it is essential to look out for quality leather belts over the cheaper options made available.

How can you tell a quality leather belt?

One of the most comfortable means of telling if a leather belt comes designed from genuine leather or not is its water-absorbing ability. Generally, real leather readily absorbs water, distinguishing them from fake ones. Thus, you can drop some water on the leather belt and watch it for a few seconds to note if it absorbs water.

You can also detect real leather from its durability, as they do not wear out quickly. Furthermore, quality leather comes with that fantastic smell that does not fade away quickly.

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The best full-grain leather belt comes designed with a quality animal hide that makes it durable and suitable. It is sturdy and flexible, sitting correctly on dresses and creating a distinctive look. These belts come in different colors and designs, and some work perfectly for a classic look and casual look.

With the various options available, picking the right full-grain leather belt becomes challenging. However, we’ve provided you with a guide that helps you choose the right Belt. You can also check out the products in this review, as they come in the best quality.

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