Complete Guide on How to Get Leather in Minecraft

Exploring the unique gaming world sends a thrilling experience, and as such, Minecraft players enjoy the incredible experience. Nevertheless, players would need to acquire leather at some point in the game. If you are keen on learning how to get leather in Minecraft, read this excellent article’s tips to secure leather.

Leather is an excellent material that comes in handy for crafting various items. Irrespective of the leather type, this material is perfect for its durability, and once secured in Minecraft, you can use it to make armor, frames, and books.

There are many ways players can acquire leather into their inventory, and some common ways include crafting, fishing, battering, looting, and trading. The supported Minecraft versions for obtaining leather include PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 10Edition, Wii U, Education Edition, Pocket Edition, and Java Edition.

How to Get Leather in Minecraft?

One way of how to get leather in Minecraft fast is through finding and killing the animal. In most cases, players can summon an animal or use ‘spawn’ eggs if it appears tasking to find an animal. Once the chosen animal is in view, that would be the right time for an attack before getting the leather.

With that in mind, the following are common ways to get leather in Minecraft.

how to get leather in minecraft fast

Mob Drops

During the game, you can find some mobs dropping leather after the kill. These mobs often include Hoglins, Cows, Horses, Mules, Horses, and Donkeys. Thus, if you get the opportunity to kill a fox bearing leather in its mouth, there is an 8.5% chance of collecting such.

Again, you can seek another means of getting the leather instead of killing the animal. For example, you can achieve the desired result by luring the animal with food; dropping some food would make the fox abandon the leather.


If you are searching for how to get rabbit hide in Minecraft, this option seems like an excellent idea. You can craft the leather from the Rabbit’s hide after killing the animal. Nevertheless, it would help if you learn the proper arrangement of placing the coat to yield the leather.


Fishing is a way of acquiring leather and adding them to your game collections. This means of securing leather is how to get leather in Minecraft without killing cows, as you can reel junk leather items while fishing.

In essence, you have a chance of ending up with a leather junk item with the free – enchantment rod. However, the leather boots are often likely to come as damaged, having damages that range from 10% to 100%.


You can loot leather as a Minecraft player from the chests generated in the game world. Some of the common chests include the Bastion bridge chest and Village tanner’s chest. You have a 47.9% chance of acquiring leather from the Bastion bridge chest while playing in Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft.

For both versions, too, you have a 17.3% chance of securing leather from the Village tanner’s chest. Thus, you can make good use of this opportunity and add some leather to your collections.


Trading is a fantastic option that players have when playing the Java and Bedrock edition of Minecraft. With the Bedrock edition, trade often appears as an option of leather acquisition, and it occurs between the player and the villager.

Thus, this is how to get a leatherworker in Minecraft, and you can trade one emerald and receive 6 pieces of leather alongside a novice leatherworker from the village.


The deal from battering offers players the opportunity to acquire leather and other items. This batter happens between players and nether mobs (peglins) in Minecraft. Kindly note that you can barter with these mobs by providing them with gold ingots. You can even get four to ten leather pieces through this method.


What is the easiest way to get leather in Minecraft?

The easiest way to get leather in Minecraft is through Mob drops, as you don’t necessarily have to kill the animals to get such. The animal often has the leather in its mouth and can quickly drop it with the slightest distraction.

You can offer a fox some food, and it would drop the leather, which you can add to your collection. Nevertheless, some mobs like cows, donkeys, horses, and mules drop leather if you get them killed.

How can I get leather fast?

The fastest way players can get leather while playing Minecraft appears to be the killing of the animal. Upon seeing the animal, swiftly attack it to kill it, and after its death, you can secure the leather without much stress.

Minecraft offers a plethora of means to secure leather for making various items. Nevertheless, finding the animal and killing it remains the fastest means to acquire the leather. However, you can discover Llamas, Donkeys, Mooshroom, and Horses dropping leather as a loot.

Can you shear cows in Minecraft?

You can’t use shears to spin the fibers from cows, which seem like something peculiar to sheep. This process often involves the removal of hair from the animals. Kindly note that the highland cattle can be “brushed out” and do not need the shear tool.

One of the many practical tools you can make in Minecraft is shears, which come in handy for cutting leaves, wools, vines, dead bushes, and even cobwebs. With this tool, you can get items added to your inventory.

Can you get leather from a cow without killing it?

Aside from securing leather through the killing of cows, you can acquire leather through fishing. This method of leather acquisition involves the use of a rod to get a leather junk item. The rod often appears free from enchantments, but the junk item may emerge with 10% to 100% damages.

If you are not into fishing, then you may need to consider trading and battering. You can comfortably trade an emerald to get leather and a leatherworker from the villages. Furthermore, bartering would you get a deal that may include getting 4-10 leather pieces.

What is the fastest way to get XP in Minecraft?

If you are thinking of the fastest way to achieve or earn experience points in a bid to level up in Minecraft, you should consider killing the hostile mobs. Of course, doing so would make them drop the orbs, but you can still choose to mine.

Through mining, players can quickly gain XP in the early part of the game. Since XP bonuses appear pretty pleasant, you can also decide to breed animals that would drop an orb when they reproduce the baby animal. Furthermore, fishing can provide an XP when the fish comes reeled in.

How to Get Leather in Minecraft

Final Words

Whether you are searching for how to make a saddle in Minecraft or not, you would need leather at some point in the game. Thus, it would be best to learn how to get leather in Minecraft to help you make various items, including frames, books, and armors.

Some excellent ways of securing leather for your game collection include mob drops, crafting, looting, bartering, fishing, and trading. For example, with trading, you can get leather alongside a leather worker in Minecraft.


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