How To Paint On Leather


How to paint on leather. Painting logos on the back of a leather jacket, or flowers in a bag, has become one of the favorite do-it-yourself projects. The tendency to personalize the sneakers made the painting on leather is becoming increasingly popular. With a couple of easy to find supplies, the paint can be used on large surfaces, as well as to add decorative details.

How To Paint On Leather: 5 Simple Steps to follow:

Correct cleaning of leather

This is the first thing you must do to apply leather paint, it is precisely the correct cleaning of the leather, where you should make the removal of any type of stain, either water or any other type of dirt. There are certain commercial products that you can buy, and that will have excellent results, however, you can make use of oxalic acid (which is often sold as leather bleach), mix it with a pint of water. Remember that you must be very careful, since the leather should not be soaked, you only have to receive a very gentle cleaning using a brush.

Keep the leather moist before proceeding to paint it

This is very important, since before proceeding to the leather painting, you should make use of a very small amount of water, the only objective is to keep it a little wet, not wet. The benefit that this brings is related to absorption. If we talk about tanned vegetable leather, then you will have the opportunity to absorb the paint better, and have a lower water requirement.

The leather paint you choose should be acrylic and water based

There are many brands of leather paint, which are widely used by people and are available in a variety of colors. These can be found in the best stores. But try to have the characteristics of being acrylic and of course made of water.

How To Paint On Leather

Way of painting

You must make patches of very large leather, this when you proceed to dilute the paint (you must use a part of water and another part that is paint), and remember that to brush it you have to use a brush that is very width. The most normal thing is that you have the need to use two layers. Also for very large areas, airbrushes are very good.

Make all the details you want

You can paint all the details and make the most creative touches that you want, for this you can use a variety of small size brushes and leather paint of your choice. Remember that painting leather should be as similar to any other surface.

Tips For Painting On leather

Consider using leather dye for large areas instead of paint. It will ensure more natural touch to your projects. Airbrush artists should dilute the paint with a small amount of acrylic finisher to maintain a smooth flow.

Warnings When Painting On Leather

Do not apply much paint as it may accumulate, causing it to break and peel when it is dry.

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