The Ultimate Guide on How to Protect Furniture in Storage from Mice

Mice are significant agents of furniture damages in various homes. Thus, having no means of keeping rodents out of your furniture storage facilities would mean that the stored items would get damaged. Therefore, this guide on how to protect the furniture in storage from mice would be of great help.

Rodents often run into storage facilities searching for food and warmer environments, much more during the cold season. They have an excellent adaptation- their teeth, for chewing through various things, including furniture. So, whether you are renovating or moving out of your house and need to store your sets of furniture, you should try to keep them off the trails of mice.

Furthermore, if you are keeping some items locked in furniture boxes, it would also help keep rodents out to prevent damage. You can ensure that your furniture in storage is safe from pests like rodents with the steps explained below.

How to protect the furniture in storage from mice Step By Step Guide

best way to keep mice out of furniture

Whether your living room couch, accent chairs, cabinets, or storage bench, storing them in an unsafe condition would damage them. Having holes created by mice on your furniture sets covered with genuine leather or other expensive adornments can be so unpleasing.

Thus, you should ensure that you keep your furniture in storage safe from rodent damages. It would help more if these items stayed stored for a long while. Here are some steps simple steps to help make sure that

Make a proper Preparation for Your Storage Unit

The best way to keep mice off furniture is to make a proper preparation of the storage unit. Look out for cracks and holes around the area, as mice can quickly gain access through them.

If you notice any, try to block or close them using cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil. Please note that peppermint oil and even lavender acts as an excellent rodent repellant. However, you can also get a better option, as you can find several rodent deterrents.

You can also employ bug repellants to serve as barriers for mice. Remove all the debris you find, taking off pieces of boxes, papers, and fabrics. Sweep out all dirt and raise the furniture from the floor by placing metal or wooden pallets.

Carefully Pack Items

Being diligent in packing items is how to protect your stuff in storage; it would help if you park them tightly, with coverings that wouldn’t provide access for rodents to pass through. Keep them at a safe spot, and lock them in carefully.

Try not to Store Foods

Mice always lookout for food in storage and would still chew through to get any they can get. Whether it is human food or those for pets, the smell can easily attract mice there. So, try to remove all traces of food and clean all stored items with food stains before sending them to the storage unit.

Invest in Effective Storages

With the best containers to keep mice out, you can effectively keep your furniture and other stored items safe from damage. You should try to get an enclosed rat-proof storage box that would keep mice off, ensuring they don’t access the stored items. Excellent options are like the mouse-proof potato storage that can keep the tubers safe from mice biting off them while in your kitchen storage unit.

The garage can also be a point where mice can easily hide, and since you can also store your furniture in there, you should take some safety measures. Whether you are moving the furniture in your sitting room to the garage or merely storing other furniture sets, you should install mouse-proof garage storage.

Cover Your Furniture

The act of covering your furniture can keep it protected from the sharp bites of mice. You can also save the piece of furniture covered with various leather types and other upholstered items from getting damaged. Thus, you can use cotton sheets or plastic wraps to store these items in storage units.

However, furniture sets like cushions and stuffed chairs would require breathable materials for covering. Thus, cotton materials would be suitable for covering that kind of furniture set. A right slipcover for a sofa would also help keep the couch out of the reach of mice in storage.

Conduct Regular Inspections

It is not just enough to just prepare the storage space or unit before storing your furniture along with other stored items. So, it would be best if you keep checking on the table from time to time. Check for any possible track of mice around the area; look out for urine trails and any cracks or marks made by mice’s teeth. If you notice that these rodents are still revisiting the storage unit, try to get some safety measures in place.

Install Mice Baits

Are you searching for how to keep mice out of the storage unit? The use of baits is one of the most effective means of doing so. After the storage unit’s initial preparation, you can get some effective rat poison and traps and place them around. This act can serve as a long-term equipping strategy to keep mice out of the storage unit.

Go for Storage Facility with Full Pest Control

Storing your furniture outside your home would be best if you pick storage facilities that are quite experienced in keeping mice out. They should have excellent pest control measures in place, as this would keep off rodents. In choosing the right facility, you should try to analyze some critical factors.

Ensure that they have a well-kept landscape, as this guarantees that they can manage to keep mice out. Also, ensure that the doors of their stores are in good condition, without any holes. More importantly, choose facilities that do not keep piles of trash in their vicinity.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to keep mice out of storage bins and storage facilities to ensure that they cause damages to your furniture. Rodents are often found around storage, and they can easily chew things they see. Without proper safety measures in place, your precious furniture, as well as items stored in furniture storage, can get damaged by mice. Thus, you can check out our guide on how to protect the furniture in storage from mice. Follow the steps and start saving your sets of furniture in storage.


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