How to Print On Leather – Everything You Should Know

Have you ever thought of printing some colorful designs on your stylish leather material? That would be quite awesome and increase the appearance of that highly valuable leather item your hold. But, ‘how to print on leather’ seems to be a daunting task, much more without sophisticated tools.

In most cases, leather and leather items come finished with colorful tans, which makes them quite attractive. However, the printing of some top-quality designs and images would reveal an outstanding look. Whichever type of printing you conduct would improve the aesthetics of the leather if done right.

As if that’s not enough, some prints create personalized leather, making it very interesting to work with such material. Stay tuned, as I would be offering some excellent ways to get those awesome prints on leather.

Can You Print On Leather?

When it comes to the various types of leather, you can find many personalized features that accompany them. These often range from their natural marks and their finishing, which offers an awesome appearance that distinguishes them. But, that isn’t enough, and some individuals yearn to make a customized appearance for their leather items.

Can you print on leather? This question is quite common among folks, as various leather owners want those fanciful appearances. How all those attractive designs on some leather that I have seen do come up? Turns out that you can print on leather and even do so in a variety of ways.

So, whether you are planning to transfer your lovely picture onto your leathercraft for a personalized look or you simply have some new design you want on your leather, you can do so with ease. If you are thinking of gifting your loved one a leather item, getting some excellent prints to customize such items would be appreciated.

Some leather printing methods may appear quite expensive but their designs last for an extended time. Nevertheless, you can also access various alternative options that are cheaper and still offers some fair printing quality.

Right there in the comfort of your home, you can come up with an awesome design and get it printed on your leathercraft. Thus, before you start searching the internet for suggestions of “leather printing near me,” you can comfortably learn about how to get the job done yourself.

How Is Printed Leather Made

Are you thinking of sewing a leather item that would have an embossed appearance? Well, you can decide on getting already designed leather pieces like the Springfield embossed leather or simply get a leather material that you would design yourself. Kindly note that many of the embossed leather found in the market can come at a high cost since they are of excellent quality.

To help you cut down costs, you can get plain leather for your craft and diligently design them to suit your style. Most of the prints on many leather items often found in the market are fantastic to work of art that comes from precise printing of top quality. Thus, you would need to try various excellent options to help you achieve a similar result.

For some excellent digital printing, high-quality inks get involved to create an excellent design. Many craftspeople choose from water-based inks, LED curable inks, UV Curable inks, and many more. Using a fantastic leather printing machine, you can achieve the desired result with ease.

Similarly, you can also go for simple prints on thin leather using your regular printer at home. Although this may not be as durable as the former, you can also create great designs that would last for a while. There are excellent ways you can transfer images to your leather items too.

So if you are planning to get your image on the craft, you can do so by employing some heat across the design placed on your leather surface. If you are searching on how to print on leather earrings, you can do so using a Cricut maker.

Furthermore, you can choose to emboss your logo or design on the leather. This option seems best if you want to start selling your craft, as it would help offer your items some customizations.

How to Print On Leather Step By Step Guide

Prints on leather appear fantastic, and you can easily find various leather items available in stores with fanciful designs. Have you seen an awesome design you would love to print on your leathercraft? Would you like to make some personalization on leather items?

You can create a floral design, logo, and other attractive prints on your leather with ease. There are a variety of ways you can print on leather, with some being cost-effective.

Transferring Pictures onto Leather

Do you have a custom image or drawing that you would want to transfer onto your leather piece? Well, you can do so by employing the leather foil stamping technique and heat embossing. Gather in your work supplies:

  • The leather material
  • A laser-printed design
  • A pressing iron
  • A tape for securing the piece onto the leather

You would be needing a sheet with a laser printed design to get started; you can choose a suitable design and print one. Then, lay the laser-printed paper on the leather, ensuring the prints faces down. It would help if you secure it in place using tape. Then, place a cotton cloth across it and wet it with a damp sponge.

Get the pressing iron hot, ensuring the temperature is right for working the design onto the leather without causing any damages. Press the cloth placed on the designed sheet and apply some pressure to get the image transferred onto the leathercraft.

Printing on Faux Leather

Faux leather comes in a texture and shape that makes it quite easy to print on, using the regular printer you use for sheets (inkjet printer). The good news is that the design from digital printing on leather can last for a while and also comes washable (carefully hand-washing). Thus, you can quickly come with some fantastic label ideas for your new or repaired faux leather jackets, bags, and other items.

This action would provide an outstanding personalized look for the leathercraft, and here is how to go about such:

  1. Cut the leather into a sizeable shape that would allow you to work with the printer (An A4 sheet can work as a template.
  2. Ensure you straighten the leather piece you would be working with since the printer cannot work on a curved sheet. You can employ a slightly heated iron to help you achieve the desired result.
  3. Get the faux leather sheet into the paper tray; it would help if you only have the faux leather on the tray and get other sheets out.
  4. Select a suitable design from your system; a floral pattern or anything that appears attractive.
  5. Then, start printing and allow the ink to dry!

Interestingly, you can attach such labels by sewing them onto another leather piece for an excellent appearance. Similarly, you can use the entire leather printed sheet to make a faux leather purse. Although this printing may not be durable like others, it can last for a while and serve its purpose.

Printing with a Leather Printing Machine

If you are thinking of how to print words on leather or get some attractive images on your leather item, there are excellent printing machines that come constructed for that purpose. These machines come with an excellent UV printing feature that gets the leather material and the prints bonded, as it employs an innovative ink.

The good news is that printings handled by these leather printing machines are durable and do not wear out easily, neither would they peel in the long run. Whether you are seeking how to print on leather shoes or bags, this technique seems like the perfect choice. You can get logos on your leather items and make an excellent customized appearance.

Embossing leather

For many craftspeople, knowing how to emboss leather can be quite helpful in various ways to showcase a personalized appearance. You can get some excellent designs onto the leather to make it appear stylish. You can follow these steps to help you achieve the desired result.

  1. Get a sturdy metal stamp: this is the first step in designing your leather, as choosing the metal shape you like is quite crucial in embossed leather. These metal stamps appear in varying shapes and you can comfortably get one from stores.
  2. Get the leather material onto your work table and smoothen it to avoid wrinkles. Spread it out and secure the leather to ensure it doesn’t move about when you start working on it.
  3. Using a damp sponge or cloth, kindly brush across the leather surface to prepare it for the design.
  4. Place the metal stamp in the right position that you want the design to appear, and get the clamp in place.
  5. Start cranking the clamp positioned at the center of the metal stamp till it gets to the farthest.
  6. Get the clamp of after about 20 minutes to make the design more durable, and continue with an excellent leather finishing.


How do you transfer pictures to leather?

To get images transferred to leather, it would be best if you first cut the pieces. Then, get the image and tape it onto the leather, facing it down and ensuring that the pictures do not move. If you don’t have your picture printed, you can get them printed on wax paper.

Then, continue the process by wetting the paper with a Citrasolv liquid; get a cotton swab and dip into the solution and start applying on the taped image. As you do this, you would find the design revealed, and you can use a bone folder to burnish the motif severally and firmly. Remove the tapes and the wax paper to unveil the picture on the leather.

How do you print on a leather bag?

There are a variety of ways you can print on your leather bag, to get a personalized look. If you are starting a new piece, you can always get an already embossed leather from the market that you can work with for making the bag.

You can transfer images to the leather bag using a laser-printed design and employing some heat. Similarly, you can employ high-quality leather printing machines to get the job done for a sleek design.

Can you iron transfers to leather?

Yes, using an iron to help transfer your design on the leather surface would quicken the process and make the prints appear more durable. All you have to do is lay out the leather material and get the laser-printed design ready. Place the design on the leather and place a cotton cloth on it and slightly heat your pressing iron. Ensure the iron is not overly heated and place it on the cotton cloth to transfer the image.

Can you silkscreen on leather?

Yes, you can conduct screen printing on leather to get excellent designs that make them appear great. However, this method may not appear very bright as it would on fabrics, since the leather does not absorb the ink. But, you can quickly get your designs onto the leather item using this technique. Thus, it would help if you learn how to screenprint on leather, to get the desired result.

Can you use adhesive vinyl on leather?

Adhesive vinyl comes in handy for a smooth surface, and you can get some on your smooth leather to create a customized design. You can get one from stores and start designing your leather items comfortably. It is quite easy to apply adhesive vinyl on leather and you can learn how to do so with ease.

Final Words

Leather is a unique material and many craftspeople tend to use them for making various items. You can make your leather look good, and have a more attractive design by printing some fantastic designs on them.

Knowing how to print on leather is a crucial step in making your leather item have a customized appearance. There are various excellent means you can get words and various outstanding images onto your leather. You can learn more from the detailed explanation from this article and put them to good use.

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