How to Emboss Leather: Engraving vs. Embossing Leather

Raw leather passes through several refining processes, including tanning, painting, and polishing. Embossing leather is another excellent process that turns the finished leather into an outstanding product. Interestingly, the process on how to emboss leather is quite simple, and you can do it yourself. Although going into high-class designs may be quite challenging, you can get started with simple but attractive imprinting.

Those awesome prints resulting from high pressure and heat are an incredible sight to behold. Embossed leather is durable, much more if they get subjected to more prolonged pressure and higher temperatures. An embossed leather gift set would last for an entire lifetime, and having an embossed leather item can tell a lot about your personality. Do you wish to emboss leather for some awesome products? You can get started following the excellent steps provided in this guide.

How to Emboss Leather: Step by Step Guide       

Leather products are available everywhere, and you can find the best leather handbags, shoes, furniture sets, and other excellent products available in various stores. You can also find these products having awesome embossed designs, and you can imprint your designs too.

Leather embossing can be relatively easy, and you can delve into work by getting the leather and stamping your desired prints using heat and pressure. You can use a suitable leather embossing machine or use other available tools. If you seem curious about how to emboss leather at home, get your leather embossing kit and follow these steps below.

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Step One: Get a Suitable Leather

Check various stores and get a quality unpolished leather for embossing. Please note that tanned leather from cows is more suitable for embossing. Also, check the thickness of the leather and choose the best one for this process.

Step Two: Prepare the Leather and Gather your Tools

Lay the leather smoothly on a work table, with the front at the top, and get your leather embossing tools. Some standard tools needed include a wooden mallet, metal molds, sponge, clamping brackets, sharp scissors, stamps, and in some cases, polish. Ensure the edges of the metal stamps are sharp if you would be using it. For more stability, get a strong clamp to keep the leather in place.

Step Three: Clean the Leather Surface

Using a damp sponge, clean the leather surface; ensure the sponge is not excessively wet. It would be best if you try squeezing the sponge thoroughly before using it. Please note that excessive wetness can make the leather swell, and as such, the embossing may not come outright.

Step Four: Make the Leather Stay Fit

Try moving the leather from side to side to ensure that it stays fit while clamped to the work table.

Step Five: Place the Metal and Clamp

Get the metal stamp, and place it correctly on the leather. Then, set the C clamp on the metal, with the top foot at the middle. Start tightening the clamp till it gets to the farthest point.

Step Six:

Please do not remove the clamp immediately, and do so after about 20n minutes. Leaving it there for a while would help make the design last longer on the leather surface. Then, get started with all leather finishing activities; you can paint using the leather paint.

How to stamp logo on leather

You can get your business logo stamped on leather following the steps below:

  1. Get a customized stamping set from craft or online stores, and ensure they match your log designs. You should send a copy of your logo and check them out before purchasing the stamp and metal cylinder.
  2. Get the unfinished leather and place it on your work table. Lay it out with the upper part at the top.
  3. Using a damp sponge, wipe the leather gently. Please, ensure the sponge is not excessively wet. If you notice a color change, wait for a while till the leather dries.
  4. Place the customized

Embossing Leather with Gold

There are two primary options on how to emboss leather with gold, as you can either make use of gold foil or gold fill. You can place either the gold foil or gold fill on the leather before placing the metal stamp. A gold embossed leather sits perfectly and enhances the look of the leather.

 Making Designs with your Cricut

Are you unaware of how to emboss leather with Cricut? Well, aside from making cuts on leather, you can also use a Cricut to emboss leather. You can either make use of the embossing pen or the scoring stylus. You would make these designs with a special ink with the embossing pen, after which you apply an embossing powder. Then you apply heat from the heat gun to finish the embossing process.

Note: An embossing machine can make your work easier and ensure the designs comes out clean.

Engraving vs. Embossing Leather

It is essential to note that embossing leather can be quite different from engraving leather. Embossing leather involves the use of patterned metal stamps on unpolished leather for various awesome designs. With embossing, the leather texture is very much the same, with the imprints on the surface.

When embossing leather, you have the option of using the color printing or the blind printing method. The addition of a thin film of plastic is the only differentiating step between both methods mentioned above. The final look of embossed leather is fabulous, and the designs are durable.

However, when some persons ask for embossed leather, they get engraved leather from craftspeople. But the difference is apparent, as an engraved leather comes with a new texture. Engraving leather involves using a computerized laser to create designs, and the process gets the leather melted awesomely. Leather engraving can work on different types of leather and look perfect.

S/N Engraving Embossing
1. Engraving imprints can appear correctly on various leather. Embossing imprints may not appear right on some leather; cowhides are suitable.
2. Engraving leather is relatively cheaper; thus, you have the option of creating more designs Embossing leather is affordable but more expensive compared to engraving.
3. It makes use of computerized laser printings. It makes use of metal plates in creating prints on the leather
4 Change in the texture of the leather due to the laser No change in texture occurs to an embossed leather
5. Engraving leather can work correctly on even refined leather It is perfect on unfinished leather

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How do you imprint leather?

Imprinting leather can be relatively easy, as you only need to get your patterns, mallet, stamp, sponge, and ballpoint stylus. Then, delve into work by laying the leather on your work table and cleaning it with a damp sponge. Then, place your patterns across the leather and start tracing them using the ballpoint stylus. However, you can also emboss prints on leather using metal plates or engrave them with a laser.

Can you heat emboss leather?

Yes. Heat embossing leather is an excellent means of tooling leather, as you imprint designs with special ink and apply some embossing powder. You can also add some gold foil or fill for an excellent design. All you need to heat emboss leather is an embossing ink and stamp pad. Get your leather and clean with a damp sponge, place the stamp laced with ink, and apply heat.

How do you make a leather stamp yourself?

Before getting started on how to stamp leather, you must first get your stamping set, as they come with various alphabet stamps. These leather stamping sets are available at various craft stores and online stores. Some stores offer customized stamps, and you can get that too. Then, get a suitable leather, place it on your work table, and clean using a damp sponge. Place your metal stamp on the leather’s desired spot, holding it firmly, and slide in the cylinder. Then, strike hard with a wooden mallet to design the leather, and you can do this repeatedly on other spots.

Is embossed leather genuine leather?

Yes. Embossing works on quality leather, as using leather with low quality may turn out bad. Leather from cowhide is more suitable for embossing, and they are quite durable. Also, the embossing process only designs the leather and does not changes its texture in any way. This genuine leather can last for a very long time, ranging from 10 to 20 years.

How do you put words on leather?

You can get some word imprints on leather either by embossing or engraving them. Embossing words on leather would require that you get suitable stamp metals and place them on the desired leather. Then, you have to apply pressure on the metal stamp. You can use a mallet to hit the metal cylinder after placing it at the center of the plate or using a clamp.

However, you can engrave these words on leather using a computerized laser technique that uses heat to imprint designs. All you have to do is get the leather, prepare it, and start engraving.


Embossing leather is an excellent activity that helps create terrific designs. Using heat or pressure to create the design is relatively easy, and the designs are also durable. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to personalize your leather, making sure that you have various personalized leather products. Check out our guide on how to emboss leather and start creating great designs by yourself. Get your kits and start making fabulous embossing designs on your leather.


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