Super Easy Ways on How to Make Leather Bracelets

Yearning to add some glamour to your style? Leather bracelets are the way to go. Many people put too much time on their clothes, shoes, bags, and so forth but forget the simplest thing, bracelets. Being there for years, bracelets come in numerous varieties to be worn on any occasion. However, with everyone going for the latest fashion trend, it’s essential you find unique bracelets to match with your other outfits.  That’s where we are here to show you how to make leather bracelets.

Super easy to make, you can choose to make leather bracelets made with beads, charms, or even clasp. A perfect way to use your imagination, you will be able to make the leather bracelets according to your preference and taste.

However, before we go to the below guide on leather bracelets, here is a simple video meant to show you the simple steps of making a leather bracelet.

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Easy Step to Step Guides on How to Make Leather Bracelets

There are many ways to make unique bracelets that will surely make you stand out. However, before you start the process of how to make leather bracelets, there are some items you need to have. These are:

  • Leather
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Leather glue or hot gun glue
  • Strand of beads
  • Pen or a Marker
  • Magic Stretch
  • Pyramid spacers
  • Strand of crystals
  • Beads/charms/snaps

How to Make Leather Bracelets with Beads

Did you know beads have been a part of us for many years? Aside from being used as an ornament, the beads were also used for trade, art as well as currency. So, before further ado, let us look at how to make leather bracelets with beads.

  1. Gather Your Materials

Before you start making the beads leather bracelet, you should start by gathering the materials.  Although you may have some items at home, you need to buy other items at the craft stores, or you can check online.  The essential materials to buy are leather chords or strips and beads.

  1. Measure and Cut the Leather

The second step is to wrap a leather cord or strip around your wrist, add some extra inches to the overall length, then measure it using a measuring tape. After you are done measuring, cut 2 strands of leather cords or strips with scissors.

  1. Knot the ends

After cutting the 2 cords, you should securely tie the strands together, but make sure you leave a bit of leather on end. This is to ensure once you are done you easily tie the bracelet around your wrist

  1. Start Beading

Simply place a single bead onto one of the strings and slide it to the end of the knot. Next, slide the second piece of leather to another bead and continue the process of adding the beads by alternating from one leather chord to the other until you reach the end of the leather cord.

Note that, by sliding the beads from the opposite side of the cord, you will create a loop around the beads, which makes sure they are securely in place. Keep this in mind, for an easy beading process, tape one end of the leather cord to a tabletop or just pin the cord to your pant leg.

  1. Complete Your Bracelet

Finally, make a knot on the leather end you were sliding the beads, then remove the tape or unpin the cord from the opposite end and tie the cord’s tails together around your wrist.

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How to Make Leather a Bracelet with Charms

Charm bracelets have been around for years. Not only were the bracelets worn by the wealthy people in the society, but also they were exchanged as gifts among themselves.

However, just as you have learned how to make leather bracelets with beads, there are also other simple steps to help you learn how to make leather bracelets with charms.

So, let’s start with the following:

  • Leather cord
  • A clasp
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • 2 metal cord crimps
  • Wood/ bone/metal bids meant for the cord to your cord to pass-through
  • One big jump ring as well as a few others which are slightly bigger than the leather cord.
  • A few charms to your liking

What to do:

  1. Use the pliers to squeeze one end of the leather cord in one of the crimps. However, if you can easily squeeze the cord with your hand, just make it double by folding the end and put it in the crimp.
  2. Next, cut the other end of the unfolded leather cord at an angle to enable the beads to pass by.
  3. Then, insert the leather cord into the beads as well as the jump rings.
  4. Afterward, squeeze the other end of the leather cord into the other crimp and add a clasp on one end and the bigger jump ring on the other end of the leather, and there you have it, your own leather charm bracelet.

Note that you can also watch this amazing video on how to make leather wrap bracelets with charms for a chance to own more unique bracelets.

How to Make Leather Bracelet with Clasp

Before you go ahead and start on how to make a leather bracelet with clasp, there some items you need to prepare, these include:

  • Leather cord
  • Two pliers, one needs to be a long, another a flat-nose
  • Superglue
  • Metal wire, Soft Temper
  • A wire cutter
  • A clasp with jump rings
  • Ruler
  • Needle and thread
  1. First of all, you should make sure the cord fits into the clasp. However, if it doesn’t fit, don’t worry since you can use a jump ring and then afterward join the jump ring to the claps.
  2. Make sure you have enough cord and wire to avoid having not enough material.
  3. Coil the wire to the cord several times, depending on the wire you are using and the size of the leather cord.
  4. Make sure you straighten the wire with a pair of pliers to keep it in perfect shape. Afterward, to keep the end going to the side, just thread where the wire ends at the bottom and make a knot and tighten it.
  5. If you feel it’s not tight enough, continue tightening it with the pliers by rotating each layer of the coil at a time. After you are done, use the flat nose to make it a bit neater.
  6. Cut the ends off and finish off with applying super glue to secure the coil. Just put a drop of the super glue on the top of the coil and also on end. Be careful not to put too much super glue to avoid the leather cord from becoming stiff and bristle.
  7. Repeat the steps again on the other side of the leather cord, but remember to measure the length of the bracelet with a ruler and adjust it while making the changes. This is to ensure the bracelet fits you properly.

how to tie a leather bracelet

Final Words

There you have it, the three easy ways to make leather bracelets. I know it takes a little bit of practice, especially if it’s your first time making a bracelet, but that should not worry you. All you need is to have the right materials and follow the instructions keenly.

When you achieve this, you get to have not only one unique bracelet, but you can have different leather bracelets made with beads, charms, or a clasp.  This way, you get to match your bracelets with your clothes, shoes, handbags, or even scarfs. So, are you ready to take your fashion style to a new height with unique bracelets?

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