How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Leather?

Painting leather materials is one ideal way to improve the appearance of your leather bags, shoes, jackets, and other items. Knowing how to paint leather is crucial if you want to add some colorful designs yourself; much more if you employ acrylic paints. Nevertheless, it is essential to learn “how to seal acrylic paint on leather”.

Acrylics are among the best paints for leather, as you can use them on various leather pieces and items to reveal a refreshing color. But it would help if you seal the paint to create a seamless surface.

Such an action would also help the color lasts for an extended period without fading off. So, if you are keen on learning how to seal acrylic leather paint, read on, as I would, be revealing the steps in achieving the desired results.

“How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Leather”

Does acrylic paintwork on leather? Acrylic paints are surprisingly one of the best options you can employ in restoring the appearance of your leather items. Again, these acrylic paints come at an affordable price compared to other expensive leather paints out there.

You can use these paints on a wide range of leather products, including leather shoes, wallets, jackets, purses, and various other leathercrafts. Applying some acrylic paints on leather gives off a shiny look, but it becomes better with a suitable leather finisher.

One cannot over-emphasize the benefits of sealing acrylic leather paint on a leather item. This action prevents the paint from fading, but it ensures that it doesn’t crack after a long time. For this process, you would need an acrylic finisher for leather or an acrylic paint sealer.

These products are available in various leathercraft stores; you can also get them from many online stores. You can look out for the best sealants and choose the best options after reviewing those you find.

One recommendable option is the Apple Barrel paint. Applying some parts of the Apple Barrel acrylic paint on leather would give off an outstanding appearance. Kindly follow the steps below to seal the acrylic paint on the leather.

Step One: Preparing the Leather

The first step to sealing acrylic paint on a leather piece is preparing the item. Kindly take a thorough on the surface of the material to get out dust and dirt. Applying the sealant before removing the debris would entrap the dirt on the leather surface.

Dirt trapped on the material and covered by the sealant would leave an unsightly appearance. Also, ensure that the leather is dry; if you just finished painting, it would be best to let the paint dry first.

Step Two: Start Sealing the Paint

Whether liquid or spray sealants, it would be best to get suitable options that work well for acrylic paints. Once you get your acrylic paint finisher, you should mix with water, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then, start applying the diluted solution, ensuring that you create a light coating using a soft brush or wool dauber. You can easily coat the leather with the solution using a spray sealer. While applying the sealer, it would be best if you don’t soak the leather.

After the first coating, it would be best to let it dry for about five minutes before you decide to add another layer. Again, it would help if you aired dry the leather and avoid subjecting the leather to excessive heat, as it would cause some severe damages.

Step Three: Apply a Waterproofing Spray

It is often essential to conclude the process by applying some waterproofing spray for added protection. Thus, after the acrylic paint finisher dries, you should use a waterproofing topcoat to improve the moisture resisting abilities of the leather material and improve its durability.

These products are available in many leathercraft stores as aerosols or brush-on fluids. Kindly look out for options that appear compatible with the acrylic paint you applied on the leather. Apply the waterproofing solution on your leather bag or jacket following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, let the leather piece dry for about 24 hours.


Q: How do you keep acrylic paint from cracking on leather?

One way of ensuring that the acrylic paint doesn’t crack is by properly coating the material. It would be best if you try painting the leather material in thin layers and let it dry. Then, get some suitable acrylic paint sealant to keep the painted leather surface in a pristine condition.

Light coatings of acrylic paint finishers would ensure the color lasts for a long time and prevents cracking. Then, making the leather moisture resistant by applying some waterproofing solutions would be a great idea.

Q: Can you use acrylic paint on leather?

Acrylic paints are great on leather, and as such, you can use them to improve the appearance of your leather item. Interestingly, they work well on faux leather and make your leather jackets, purse, belts, and shoes look more appealing.

Nevertheless, you must learn how to apply the paint right to avoid making a mess. Kindly get the acrylic paint and dilute it with some water. Then, apply it on the prepared leather surface using a soft brush or wool dauber.

Q: What is the best sealer for acrylic paint?

Various leather sealers exist for acrylic paints, and you can easily find one from a craft store or online. Nevertheless, some excellent options include the Golden Polymer Varnish, Lascaux UV Varnish, and Liquitex Polymer Acrylic Varnish.

These products come formulated to make the leather surface look more attractive and increase the longevity of the paint applied on the leather item. So, you can use the leather item without fear of the color cracking over extended use.

Q: Can you use Mod Podge to seal acrylic paint on leather?

Mod Podge is amongst the top possible options that you can consider for sealing your leather surface after coating with acrylic paint. This option comes in handy for many artisans, as they use it for sealing the edges of their leathercraft.

The result of its application is long-lasting durability. Interestingly, the Mod Podge appears as flexible and can bend extensively without having cracks. Kindly apply some on the leather surface in light coatings and allow to dry after each application.

Q: Can one use hairspray to seal acrylic paint?

Hair spray is an excellent water-based paint that can also work as a sealant for various painted materials, acting as a finishing for the applied acrylic paints. Nevertheless, this craft hack may not work for paints that come formulated as oil-based.

Leather materials, on the other hand, may seem pretty delicate and requires great care. Thus, it would help if you get suitable leather sealants for acrylic paints. Such products come with excellent formulations that care for the leather material.

Q: What to put over acrylic paint to make it glossy?

Acrylic paints applied on different items give a shiny look, but you can achieve a more glossy look by using a finisher. There are various types of sealants that you can find, and you can get one for your leathercraft to make it look attractive.

Once you can apply the finisher evenly on the leather surface, it would look pretty nice. You can search for how to seal acrylic paint on faux leather and follow the steps in applying the sealants to give off a glossy appearance.

Q: What can I put over acrylic paint on shoes?

Acrylic paints are excellent solutions for restoring the appearance of leather and can work well for leather shoes. If you are keen on improving your leather shoes, you should try applying some acrylic paints in an even coating.

Kindly clean the leather shoe, removing dirt and grime to prepare the material’s surface to take up the paint. Then, apply light coatings of the paint on the leather surface, letting each coat dry completely before applying another.

Q: What household items work for sealing acrylic paints?

There are various household items that you can employ as a sealant for leather acrylic paint. One such is a hairspray, as it can temporarily work as a sealant after painting the leather item with acrylic paint.

Another excellent solution is using nail polish, but this may only leave a glossy appearance without proper protection. So, it would help if you endeavored to get suitable sealants for leather materials, as they would last longer.

Final Thoughts

Leather materials are excellent and can come in handy in crafting various items that appear very attractive. Again, leather is famous for its durability, as leathercrafts can last for an extended period. Nevertheless, your leather item may appear faded after a long while, and you may need to paint them.

Again, you can decide to create a colorful craft by painting the leather material. Acrylic paints are an excellent option that you can apply to a wide range of leather products. Using such paints may be a perfect way to restore leather furniture. However, it would help if you apply some sealant to make the paint last longer. Thus, learning how to seal acrylic paint on leather would be pretty valuable.

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